KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth.

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Birth Instinct run hypnobirthing courses in South West London, which is convenient for Wimbledon, Southfields, Earlsfield, Clapham, Wandsworth, Putney, Chelsea, Fulham, Raynes Park, Kingston, Battersea, Tooting and Balham. We teach the following courses:


  • Group hypnobirthing courses are taught in a group of mothers and fathers or birthing partners. The course runs as small groups to keep the course personal for each person, aid relaxations and help you get to know other people on the course. They consist of 12 hours of teaching. See website: or the courses tab for details of the latest courses.
  • Personal 1-1 hypnobirthing courses take place in your own home and can be tailored to your specific needs. The sessions can be broken down and taught for the dates and times that suit you, the course is usually 10-12 hours long. These can be taught in any location in London or the surrounding areas.
  • Refresher courses are for those who have previously attended a hypnobirthing course. They are normally taught in your own home as a 3 hour 1-1 session. Longer refresher courses are available upon request.
  • Additional 1-1 sessions can also be arranged, these maybe needed to help build confidence, reduce fears, practice techniques. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can arrange a session with you.


Kirsty is a fully qualified hypnobirthing practitioner based in SW London. She is a member of the Hypnobirthing Association and the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). She has a diploma in Antenatal Education and teaches antenatal classes for the NCT. Kirsty is committed to do what she can to help people have a better birth experience. She regularly attends meetings with midwives and obstetricians at the local hospitals in order to feedback issues and keep updated with local hospital policies. Kirsty also attends study days and keeps up-to-date with current research and practice.

Kirsty has three children and has experienced birthing with and without hypnobirthing techniques. After a bad first birth experience Kirsty was terrified of giving birth a second time so undertook hypnobirthing classes. The difference between the births was unbelievable. The birth of her daughter (at home) was an empowering and enjoyable experience. Picture a relaxed, glowing mother sitting on her own sofa, nursing her newborn baby and enjoying a very well deserved cup of tea and chocolate biscuit! Contrast this to her first birth experience where she looked grey, was completely exhausted and couldn't move from her hospital bed, she wasn't even allowed to sit-up for 2 hours after the birth. Kirsty was so amazed at the power of hypnobirthing she feels that all women should be given the opportunity to have a positive birth experience. Kirsty has just had her third baby and once again had a brilliant experience as a result of using hypnobirthing techniques.

Why KG Hypnobirthing?


Hypnobirthing is a method which allows your body and mind to work together effectively. It can help to eliminate the fear – tension – pain cycle. It allows you to stay in control of your labour and birth and gives your birth partner an active role to play during this time. It gives you knowledge and tools to achieve a better labour and birth.

Benefits of Hypnobirthing:

  • Hypnobirthing has been proven to reduce the length of labour, make labour more comfortable and in some cases eliminate any feelings of pain.
  • After the course you will enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, worries and fears over birth will be reduced and you can continue with your pregnancy looking forward to your labour and birth, not fearing it.
  • A calm birth promotes a calm mother and baby - this gives the mother confidence to listen to her maternal instinct and care for her newborn baby in a relaxed and confident way after birth. It can take time to establish easy breastfeeding, this can be easier with hypnobirthing techniques as the mother has a confidence that others sometimes lack. A difficult birth can lead to lack of confidence in parenting a newborn. A long or traumatic birth leaves the mother, father or birth partner and baby exhausted. This can then lead to confidence issues in caring for your newborn baby and the natural instincts which we all have start to come into doubt. Hypnobirthing classes can help keep the mother relaxed and so a long birth won’t be as completely exhausting.
  • Partners can sometimes feel lost, isolated and unable to help. Seeing a much loved partner in distress is not pleasant. Hypnobirthing can help prevent this as it gives the father or birth partner a very important role. They have an active part to play in the birth and are completely aware of what they need to do and why it’s so important.
  • The first few weeks after birth are a wonderful time. Getting to know your new baby is a joy, and for your new baby getting to know you is a very important time. Those first few weeks are also a tiring and testing time. Hypnobirthing will help give you confidence to trust your instincts and care for your baby.
  • Relaxation techniques learnt can be applied to other parts of your life to help reduce stress and manage difficult situations.




My courses have very good feedback - please read below some testimonials from course attendees

By Jules
Personally I had bought in to hypnobirthing early on, but my husband looked sheet white when I broached the idea of a weekend course. He kept asking why he had to go - surely it's more relevant for the person actually giving birth right?

Luckily for both of us, we chose Kirsty's course and she instantly converted the somber looking men in the room. I think it was her down to earth approach with logical explanations that helped the men on their way. By the end of the first day my husband was googling home birthing pools and chanting the benefits to anyone who would listen, even though our 'home' was a building site and not necessarily conducive to a relaxing experience of any kind.

My too-comfy-inside baby was weeks late, and as a result I wasn't able to have the birth that I'd planned. But armed with tools learnt from hypnobirthing course I found the whole build up and preparation for birth a very positive experience. My labour was induced, and I can honestly say I don't know how I would have got through the endless stages without the help of the breathing and visualisation exercises. I've always been a terrible sleeper (I know, not a great combination with a new baby) so the relaxation exercise still help me get to sleep, and cope with the inevitable stresses of new motherhood.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kirsty and her course. She's an excellent teacher and pitched it perfectly for our group of believers and those who needed a little more convincing!


By Alison
I had been worried about giving birth since I was shown a terrifying video of a woman in labour in my science class at school at the age of about 13. After watching the video, my best friend and I vowed never to have children as we were so afraid of giving birth. As I grew older and met my husband I realised it was something I would probably need to endure as we really wanted a family together, but the idea still terrified me.

A friend of mine who had recently given birth highly recommended hypnobirthing as it had really helped her with her birth. I went into Kirsty's class feeling terrified of the pain of labour and came out of the first class with very little fear of pain or any other aspect of labour. By the end of the 2 day course, I was feeling extremely calm about my labour and actually quite excited about it because of all the information and tools we had been given to help us when the time came.

I am generally not a good sleeper, even before I was pregnant, but I found the hypnobirhting CD's helped me relax and I listened to them every night up until the birth and also had it on in the background when I was giving birth. I even carried on using them in the first few weeks when I was trying to "sleep when the baby sleeps".

A little while after Kirsty's course and having done some extensive research, we made the decision to have a home birth and despite having 2 1/2 days of contractions, I look back at the experience so fondly. My husband was very well trained up after the course and knew exactly how to make my birthing environment perfect. A lot of men complain that they feel helpless when their partner is in labour - my husband was the complete opposite, he was extremely helpful, and busy! He lit candles, burned aromatherapy oils, prepared the birthing pool, was in charge of background music/ hypnobirthing CD's, dispensing homeopathic medicine and water/ lucozade to me, was fully versed on how to reinforce my wishes if needed (although we were lucky enough to have a good midwife who had fully read my birthing plan and so this wasn't necessary). He also gave me lovely massages that he had learned in Kirsty's course which he had practised on me most evenings in the weeks leading up to the birth, which was lovely!

I wouldn't use the word "calm" to describe myself as a person, however my colleagues and manager at work were all constantly saying how serene and calm I was throughout my pregnancy, despite my high work load, and I really believe that this was down to Kirsty's hypnobirthing course, the relaxation tools we learned during the course and as homework, and the CDs given to us prior to the course. Our midwife, who was constantly taking mine and my baby's heart beat throughout my established labour, also commented on how calm my baby and I both were during and after labour. When she was born, she didn't cry, just calmly stared around the room then up at me. It was incredible. Lots of people comment on what a chilled out baby she is, (despite her growing energy now she is 5 months old!)

I really feel that the birth experience was a team effort between my husband and I and this made the experience even more special. My husband is an amazing lovely man, but had he not attended the course with me, he wouldn't have been able to be so involved in the birth, and for this we are both so grateful to Kirsty and will definitely use hypnobirthing next time round!


By Lorna
My partner and I are pretty anxious people and during pregnancy we were constantly worrying about the health of our baby . He didn't move a great deal so I was running to the hospital every couple of weeks to check he was ok. I found the idea of giving birth incredibly daunting and my anxiety was starting to take over my whole pregnancy experience. I was even having panic attacks.

My friend had recently given birth and she told me about hypnobirthing. She had a great birth experience and so I decided to give it a go.

We were in a group with two other lovely couples. This was just the right size group to make the experience fun but also supportive. Kirsty talked us through the mechanics of birth, explaining how important a mother's psychological state is to the whole process. She sensitively addressed all our questions and concerns and guided us through the use of affirmations, meditation, breathing techniques and massage. She encouraged us to be as comfortable as possible, providing lots of cushions and chocolate biscuits!

I found the guided visualisation exercises incredibly calming. Most of us were asleep before they were finished! I practiced these at home listening to the CDs and they really reduced my anxiety. As my due date approached, I felt more in control because I now had these incredible tools to help me.

When the time came and labour began, I was very calm and had the confidence to go along with what my body needed to do. I found the breathing techniques we had learned very helpful and was able to use these to manage my discomfort for the majority of the labour. They were like anchor points that gave me a sense of control amidst the overwhelming intensity of child birth.

My son's birth didn't quite go to plan and I ended up having an emergency Caesarian section. Having never had surgery before, this could have been a daunting prospect! However, I felt very calm about the whole process and happy with the decisions that were made by us as a couple and the medical team. I feel that the hypnobirthing techniques we learned from Kirsty played a big part in enabling us to keep calm in what could have been quite a frightening experience.

Our baby is now nearly 6 months old and I still use the techniques I learned in hypnobirthing to manage my anxiety about all areas of my life. Using affirmations has even helped me shift some baby weight! I count our fellow course mates as friends and they have been a great source of support as we find our feet together as new parents.

I can't recommend Kirsty and her course highly enough. If we are ever lucky enough to have another child, I will definitely be practising hypnobirthing to get me through all the hurdles of pregnancy and birth!


By Catherine
I found my first birth frightening, painful and disheartening, and when I found out I was pregnant again I was very keen not to repeat this experience. My initial plan was to ask for a very medicalised birth with an epidural just to avoid the pain again. I wasn’t sure how much something like hypnobirthing could help, and after seeing how difficult our first birth was my husband was very sceptical indeed! However we had heard great things about hypnobirthing, and we thought that it could not do any harm to try.

Kirsty’s course was fantastic; informative and well taught. It included a good mix of hypnobirthing theory and practise along with practical advice on the birth and positive birth stories.
I know I’m not naturally good at relaxing so I practised the exercises almost daily for the last 2-3 months of the pregnancy, did the relaxation exercises with my husband after work and listened to the CD before I went to sleep most nights. It sounds a lot but the exercises only took 5 minutes and the CD almost always sent me to sleep in a relaxed state of mind. I found hypnobirthing very useful during the pregnancy as well as during the birth. It allowed me to enjoy the pregnancy much more than my first one, during which I’d had a tendency to worry about the birth and the baby’s health.

I went past my due date and though I was hoping for a natural birth the hospital booked me in for an induction. Two days before this I had a sweep to try and and start the labour. With my first birth I’d also had a sweep and had found it very painful. So this was a chance to try my hypnobirthing techniques and I was so encouraged that with the help of the breathing techniques I didn’t feel any pain at all!

The next evening the surges started. I wasn’t sure if they were surges at first as they felt quite mild, but after getting my son to bed and timing them for an hour I phoned the hospital. They said I was in labour but that it was too early to come in and to have a shower to relax. I did as they advised and while I was having a shower they speeded up a lot. I used the hypnobirthing techniques to cope with them and found the techniques incredibly useful. Even ideas I’d been very sceptical about, such as thinking of contractions as surges, were very useful. In contrast to my first birth I was able to go with the process rather than tensing up and fighting it.

I think I was a bit too relaxed actually as I stayed in the shower too long and we left going to the hospital quite late. By the time we got in the car the surges were very intense and close together. We put on the CD and I could feel my body relax as it started. The baby’s head started coming out in the car and at that point I did panic a bit but the hypnobirthing helped me cope. Luckily we got to the hospital in time and 9 minutes after we arrived our lovely daughter was born.

The techniques we’d been taught helped so much, much more than we’d expected in fact. If you’d told me or my husband before the birth that I wouldn’t need any pain relief we’d have laughed in disbelief! The birth was a totally different experience to my first birth and left me feeling happy and proud. Kirsty’s course should be available on the NHS!


Read more on my website:



I offer 2 types of course format and all courses include 2 optional women only sessions, the first taken before you give birth and gives an opportunity to deepen your ocnfidence, ask any last questions and often has a visiting mother to talk about her hypnobirthing experience. The second session is a postnatal reunion to celebrate your birth, talk about your experience and meet other mum's. Feedback from these sessions is very positive and women have gained a lot from attending them.

The full length hypnobirthing course consists of 3 evening sessions. This course is ideal for parents who have not done any antenatal education yet or have anxiety or fear of birth or a previous traumatic experience. The longer course length allows time for these fears to be worked through, soak in the information to aks more questions and more practise time.

The Essentials course is a reduced hours course designed to meet the needs of parents who have found hypnobirthing late in pregnancy and have already attended an antenatal course, like an NCT course, or who have previously attended a hypnobirthing course and would like a refresher. The course is held over 2 evening sessions. This course does not cover the process of labour and birth or medical interventions as it is assumed you already have this knowledge, it does focus entirely on hypnobirthing. The full length course covers these other topics in detail.

If you have found hypnobirthing early then please make the most of your experience and book a full length course, you will get the pleasure of deep relaxation and increased confidence during your pregnancy. The full course also offers a postnatal reunion so you can meet the mum's and baby's from your course again!

As soon as you book your course with me I will send you the relaxation CD so you can start to practise getting into a state of deep relaxation and enjoy many nights of deep sleep!


  • Mon 9th May 18:45-21:15
  • Mon 16th May 18:45-21:15
  • Mon 23rd May 18:45-21:15
  • plus Women Only Session*
  • Postnatal Reunion*

* Optional

June 2016 - Hypnobirthing Essentials
  • Mon 20th Jun 18:45-21:00
  • Mon 27th Jun 18:45-21:00
  • plus Women Only Session*
  • Postnatal Reunion*

* Optional

  • Mon 4th Jul 18:45-21:15
  • Mon 11th Jul 18:45-21:15
  • Mon 18th Jul 18:45-21:15
  • plus Women Only Session*
  • Postnatal Reunion*
September 2016 - Full Hypnobirthing Course
  • Mon 12th Sept 18:45-21:15
  • Mon 19th Sept 18:45-21:15
  • Mon 26rd Sept 18:45-21:15
  • plus Women Only Session*
  • Postnatal Reunion*

* Optional

October 2016 - Hypnobirthing Essentials
  • Mon 10th Oct 18:45-21:00
  • Mon 17th Oct 18:45-21:00
  • plus Women Only Session*
  • Postnatal Reunion*

* Optional

November 2016 - Full Hypnobirthing Course
  • Mon 7th Nov 18:45-21:15
  • Mon 14th Nov 18:45-21:15
  • Mon 21st Nov 18:45-21:15
  • plus Women Only Session*
  • Postnatal Reunion*
  • * Optional

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