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Mary-Anne Constable (read more)
Location: London
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The main face behind MummaPod: Mary-Anne Constable, a mother of two (Max, born in 2016 in the UCHL birthing centre and Molly, born in 2018 at home, in Teddington).

Mary-Anne is an experienced Hypnobirthing teacher as well as a Birth & Post Natal Doula. Historically, Mary-Anne has worked in the city, in the financial sector as well as in the Events industry for over 8 years. Her mission today, is to release fear and build confidence in you and to provide you with all the tools you need for a more comfortable, calm and positive birth experience and journey to motherhood, just as both of hers were. She trained with Katharine Graves & Developing Doulas.


Diana Devereux-Cooke (read more)
Location: Chelsea, London
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Hello, I am Diana! I was almost born in Tokyo. Yet my father, who spoke fluent Japanese and could have supported my mother during her delivery as both a birthing partner, and a translator, simply refused to be in the delivery room. He was absolutely terrified of the idea of witnessing birth. 

Sadly, to this day, so many parents are apprehensive and anxious about the birth of their little baby. Working as a baby photographer for several years now, I have met so many wonderful ​parents-to-be, who are ecstatic about meeting their little baby, but oh so nervous about the birth. 

As someone who has been privileged to meet many mummies-to-be for their maternity shoots, and then shortly after that for their newborn shoots, I have been fortunate to hear so many birth stories and experiences. Each unique and significant to the expecting family. Yet one approach to birth that seemed to be incredibly profound was Hypnobirthing. 

Hearing so many positive stories sparked my desire to acquire all the knowledge necessary to support and prepare women for one of the most significant days in their lives - the day they meet their little baby!

Having trained with Katherine Graves, I am a qualified KGHypnobirthing teacher, who is determined to introduce as many expecting families as possible to the benefits of Hypnobirthing in a modern, relaxed and tailored approach.

I would be delighted to support you and your birthing partner in overcoming any fear or preconceptions about birth, as well as teaching you the tools and techniques to enable you to birth your baby confidently in the way that works best for you!

Crystal Miles (read more)
Location: Harrow & Elstree
Phone: 07778 343 188
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I am trained in the KGH method with Katharine herself and I fundamentally believe in, and feel empowered by, the message and logic of hypnobirthing. My entire life revolves around babies! As well as Hypnobirthing I am a trained Doula,Breastfeeding Specialist, Nutritional Therapist,(specialising in preconception and pregnancy health) a 3 Step Rewind (Birth Trauma Support) Practitioner and an Infant Massage Instructor and Trainer. I know just how important the birth process is and how it can go on to impact the individuals involved forever more. Most importantly, I am a mother of 2 myself and am more passionate about the power of Hypnobirthing since having had my own wonderful experience in 2015 with my daughter, her birth is now featured as one of the official KGH birth films. It was truly amazing.

Martha Newbury (read more)
Location: Worcester
Phone: 01905381356
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Nicky Khan (read more)
Location: Putney
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MAMACAN Hypnobirthing is a practical common sense approach to birth.

Back in 2015, a pregnant lawyer in search of an informed, calmer birth experience, I came across Hypnobirthing during some late-night internet searching. Intrigued by the refreshingly positive and practical outlook on birth, I signed up to a course (and then spent the evening convincing my husband I hadn't gone mad and become a hippy).
The scientific foundations that Hypnobirthing is built on, silenced the sceptic within and I was instantly a convert. My pregnancy was positive and enjoyable as I practised the relaxation and breathing techniques with my partner - I was even looking forward to my birth! My labour was short and the majority of time was spent in the bath at home. After the birth of my son, looking for a change of pace and wanting to spread the word of Hypnobirthing, MAMACAN Hypnobirthing was born.
My daughter was born a year and a half later at home in the birthing pool and it couldn’t have been a more positive experience. Being at home and so relaxed in my home environment, hypnobirthing, educating myself about birth and surrounding myself with positive birth – groups, people, and stories. And of course my wonderful husband and midwives!

I am a KG Hypnobirthing trained practitioner. I believe passionately about changing the way society views birth, and helping women understand their innate ability to give birth and ultimately achieve the best possible outcome for them and their baby.

Julia Elvidge (read more)
Location: Acton, West London
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I came to hypnobirthing quite by chance as an anxious mum-to-be and it completely transformed my experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  I am now passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge with other mums-to-be and families to empower them to have a similar fantastic, calm and positive experience.

I have taught over 50 couples and my passion for empowering women in pregnancy, birth and motherhood only continues to grow.  


Paulina Ewa Sporek (read more)
Phone: +447720912264
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I'm a qualified midwife and a former paramedic. I have a considerable experience working with parents to be and supporting them on their journey into parenthood. I'm also a proud parent to my three year old son Luis who has turned my life up side down and up again. I have been practicing KG hypnobirthing during my pregnancy and labour and have achieved a childbirth that was 'right' for me. I intentionally use word 'right' as a midwife I appreciate every woman has different expectations when it comes to childbirth. I’m a strong advocate of holistic childbirth and believe that with a right preparation all women can have a good experience regardless of the mode of delivery. As a woman, mother and midwife I strongly support woman centred care, informed consent and encourage all women to be informed and know what their options are. 

Julie Krausz (read more)
Location: Kensal Rise, London
Phone: 02084592903
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My focus and passion is supporting women to have a joyful, empowered birth, whatever the kind of birth they choose.

I have been teaching pregnancy/postnatal yoga and childbirth education since 1991 and my classes reflect the wealth of experience I have, providing practical advice and encouragement to women throughout their pregnancies and as new mothers.

As well as teaching KG Hypnobirthing I am a qualified Yoga and Active Birth teacher and am registered with YogaBirth, the Active Birth Centre, Birthlight and the British Wheel of Yoga. I have completed the Unicef Breastfeeding Management training and I hold Diplomas in Remedial Massage and Source Breathwork. I am the mother of two boys, both born at home in water while using hypnotherapy, affirmations and relaxation techniques. I have a keen interest in complementary medicine and nutrition, particularly where it is relevant to pregnancy and labour.

I currently teach KGHypnobirthing, Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth Preparation and Post-Natal classes near Queen’s Park/Kensal Rise, close to NW6 and NW10 where I provide holistic support to women during the childbearing year. Private classes are also available.


Robyn Spens (read more)
Location: Marylebone London
Phone: 07977603597
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Robyn Spens is a leading therapist, who makes a difference in people’s lives. She is an empathic communicator and understands how the power of the brain and the words we tell ourselves have an immense impact on our behaviour and our bodies. The sole aim of the work I do is to help couples achieve and maintain the best possible mindset.


Silvana Bevan (read more)
Location: Hampton & surrounding areas
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello, I'm Silvana, a mum of two and a KGHypnobirthing teacher, as well as a recently qualified Hypnotherapist (I have an interest in the connection between mind and body) . My background is in Counselling and Therapeutic Play, and I worked for over 12 years supporting school children and their families in my local community in SW London, so providing emotional support and encouraging people to feel empowered, positive and confident feels really natural to me.

The course I did to become a KGHypnobirthing teacher was fantastic and a revelation into how to apply these skills at another crucial stage of life and development, in the context of labour and birth. Your wellbeing is my priority and I would feel privileged to accompany you for a while on your amazing journey.


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