KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth.

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I have developed along the years a holistic practice (healing, reiki, sophrology, mindfulness) to help people with a broad range of life circumstance. Lately, 2 themes seems to emerge: supporting chronic stress and anxiety release, as well as any type of womanhood related subjects. 

I have a dear passion to help women at each step of key moments of their life: young ladies with their period, painful periods, abortion, miscarriage, IVF or pregnancy. I work with the body on a soul level. This is the reason why Hypnobirthing is so important to me: to help women claim back their power and control of the birth experience to make it the most enjoyable possible.  The body has incredible abilities which we underestimate. Once we understand and experience how it really works, the birth experience is can become one of the greatest and most powerful experience that a woman could get to live.

I have always approach life in an optimistic manner, learning from every single experience and continuous re-inventing myself.

My background is very eclectic. Engineer by training (big science background) with an MBA but deeply caring about people, I have developed some strong healing abilities. Biology and medicine have always been a passion of mine. Reason why I did start my holistic practice aside my international corporate career. I am now working 100% on my wellness practice.

Aside from my personal healing abilities which developed naturally, I am an official KGHypnobirthing and mindfulness teacher, Sophrology therapist (aggregate deep relaxation practices with visualization. you can read more on my website about this practice), Reiki and energy teacher.

Sophrology and Healing can support pregnancy in complement to hypnobirthing in a lot of different ways :

* helping with pregnancy symptoms to improve the quality of daily life

* work at a deeper level on stress and anxiety reduction

* heal past trauma (sexual or prior traumatic birth)

* lactation

* postpartum depression

Do reach out if you are curious and/or have questions, I would be more than happy to have a chat.

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

Aside the fact as you could read in my information extract that I strongly believed in a different and more beautiful way to give birth allowing the woman to have a powerful life experience…. I had a good feeling about this particular course :-). Through my research it appeared that KGHypnobirthing is one of the best antenatal course coupled with hypnobirthing. There are lots of positive feedback and heartwarming stories on the public facebook group. The content is sound and backed-up by a lot of the latest research.  I love that the emphasis is around enabling the woman to follow her intuition and that her and baby knows what is best for them. The course is very enlightening in explaining all the choices that parents have with enough data to make informed decisions in regards to their birth plans. Also, it’s a very empowering course for fathers who get to play a role during the pregnancy and the big day. The course is not about forcing home birth, as it might not be the ideal set up for everybody, but no matter the chosen scenario (natural home birth, epidural, c-section) the mother will be able to feel more calm and in control of each step of the birth.

The only fact that a lot of midwives are taking the course and that the ones present during my teacher training praising the content (and confirming fact from their experiences) was a confirmation of the quality of the training. Hearing all the stories of the people in the room was a very special moment.


"You ooze warmth and calmness and have the perfect combination of a soft voice and accent to gently lull me into meditation!" - Amanda

"She helped me many times going through personal and professional crisis with the strong belief that you can only get out stronger and wiser if you listen to your inner self and trust your divine part. Her panoply of tools (energetics, meditation, sophrology, Reiki and others) combined with her empathy and understanding of human thoughts and behaviours make her a trustful professional I would highly recommend for anyone willing to embrace their full potential. On the top of that Angelique truly loves people." - Chloe K.

I have had trouble with insomnia and anxiety for many years. I tried various traditional relaxation treatments, including massage, yoga, meditation. Best experience was Angelic Reiki session that I tried few months after. I remember feeling at peace for number of days and sleeping well for few weeks after (which was a huge relief given serious sleep deprivation I had at the time). Angelique is very passionate about helping people and has a very calming effect on people. Only talking to her makes me relaxed which makes me believe that people suffering from Anxiety would benefit hugely from working with her. I definitely recommend her energy treatments.  I am very excited for Angelique to dedicate herself to helping people, as I know it is not always easy to find a person who truly wants to help you. - Vera Uboysteva


Working with Angelique was a pleasure. She is very comfortable with deeply intense issues  and heldspace in a way which made me feel trusting, safe, and ready to explore difficult issues. She has a great intuitive sense for things, and her confident easy manner helped guide me to important healing and realisations.

Faheem Chowdury


The course was fantastic and a real insight into how meditation / visualisation can really help your mind and body interact in many situations which I just found amazing. Angelique made me feel relaxed straight away with not only her persona but with her extensive knowledge of how meditation, amongst her other knowledge, can help with everyday life, whether at work or at home.  The course I attended was very inspiring and I learnt how to incorporate the tools into my daily life.  I will forever be grateful to Angelique.

Yvonne, BP


In English or French

* Group and 1-1 KGHypnobirthing course

* Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Course

* Reiki course (mother& child healing course)

* Healing and Sophrology therapy (Dynamic relaxation and light hypnosis / visualisations).

Located in: West

KGHypnobirthing has been featured in:

The Sunday Times The Guardian Radio 4 Woman's Hour Prima Baby & Pregnancy OK! Mother & Baby  The Telegraph Daily Mail


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