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Karen Rome (read more)
Location: Scotland
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Hi I offer a wide variety of services from Conception to birthing and beyond. I work as a Complementary therapist and Hypnotherapist at the Rosemount Centre in Aberdeen where I also hold my Hypnobirthing classes.

I am also an Affiliate for KGHypnobirthing Online Courses.

I am a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and have also undergone Doula training with Red Tent Doulas. My own deliveries were very much in the clinical style 30 years ago even though I wanted a more holistic approach so Hypnobirthing is very much close to my heart.

I want mothers to feel in control of their deliveries and to have the best birth experience possible.

Kirsty Blair (read more)
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My name is Kirsty. I live in Aberdeen with my fiancé, Liam and our son, Joseph. Giving birth was the best day of my life and that was thanks to hypnobirthing!

I was terrified when I found out I was pregnant, but completing a face to face hypnobirthing course really turned that around. From there on I was able to enjoy and appreciate my pregnancy, along with the birth of my baby.

My birth didn't go exactly to plan, but the hypnobirthing techniques I learned kept me calm throughout and it was still such a positive experience. I still use the techniques to help deal with day to day stress and find they are hugely beneficial in helping me keep calm amongst the chaos of parenting.

After Josephs birth, I decided I wanted to do my hypnobirthing teacher training to show other women that they can have positive and empowering births! 

I am fortunate enough to have friends who are as passionate about birth as I am and also have done their KG Hypnobirthing training. Together we have created 'Empower: Parenting Consultants' dedicated to supporting and empowering parents. 

Valerie Walker (read more)
Location: Edinburgh
Phone: 07920252681
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My name is Valerie and I am a registered KGHypnobirthing Practitioner and teacher as well as a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner.   I have always held a fascination with the mind-body link and I have explored this extensively in my career as a clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner. I am excited to be able to use my experience and knowledge of both hypnotherapy and the mind-body link to guide you through the KGHypnobirthing programme, ensuring you can use the skills taught to have the best birth possible for both you and your baby. 

In addition to my KGHypnobirthing diploma, I hold a diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis as well as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma and I am a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP®. 

My qualifications in hypnotherapy allow me to be registered with both the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) - an Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.  

I am passionate about using my professional qualifications to allow you to understand how to work with your mind and your body to create a positive and uplifting birth experience for you, your baby and your partner. My aim is to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to allow you to approach your birth with a calm, confident, optimism that will allow you to enjoy and embrace the birth of your baby.  


Katy McDowall (read more)
Location: Glasgow, South Lanarkshire & East Renfrewshire
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Hi, I’m Katy. Welcome to BORN READY BABY & congratulations on your pregnancy! Who am I? I’m a hypnobirthing mumma, Communications Professional (so I feel really passionately about the power of words and their ability to make us feel all sorts of things) and a fully qualified KGHypnobirthing teacher. 

I feel so passionately that becoming a parent is beyond wonderful but it can also be completely overwhelming. Anything we can do to make sure that it gets off to the best start possible, the better. So often we’re bombarded with birth “horror stories” (we’ve all heard them) but who is telling us the empowering ones, the stories that make us excited to meet our babies? No women should feel like she has to spend her pregnancy in fear and no couple should feel traumatised by their birth experience. 

Relaxed, friendly & fun, I offer a fresh, straight up, modern approach to hypnobirthing. Life is busy & your time is precious - let's make this both useful & enjoyable!

Abigail Pratt (read more)
Location: North Glasgow
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My name is Abi, I am a mum of two boys and live in the north side of Glasgow. 

Im a qualified social worker, and am passionate about supporting and empowering others. I have been involved in the social care sector for over a decade. 

My family and friends are the most important this to me, but I also love cooking, baking, music and sport.

I was originally recommended hypnobirthing by a friend who is a midwife. I was initially skeptical of it and imagined it being a very alternative "tree hugging" approach. However, I trusted by friend and her opinion and went on the course. After having two very positive births of my own, I know that hypnobirthing works, and can transform your birthing experience. 

Im really excited and honored to be able to support other couples to be able to experience positive births.

Alice Blazy-Winning (read more)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I'm a hypnobirthing mum of 2 young boys and full-time yoga teacher specialising supporting women through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Janine Forder (read more)
Location: Glenlivet
Phone: 01807590380
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I am Janine, or Neen and I have one son Olaf who is my Valentine's baby and coming up to being 3 years old. 

During my pregnancy I used hypnobirthing techniques with great success, and felt informed enough so that when I was speaking to my consultants about gestational diabetes, I was able to ask the right questions to get the best possible birth on the day. 

I have never felt as strong as the day I gave birth and I want all mothers to feel that.   I've always mentored people to help them feel more confident and I now work with mothers throughout all stages of their pregnancy and beyond to help them always feel as empowered as they do on the day they give birth. 

I am finding ways to help parents in this critical stage to help them manage the emotional impact of things like post-natal depression as they step forward into their new role with their new family.

I love seeing how expectant parents can bond, how dads can feel useful in the delivery process, and how mothers can tap into that inner instinct that's just there.  This technique works. 

Victoria Robertson (read more)
Location: Midlothian
Phone: 07515882032
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I am Victoria, the founder of Hypnobirthing Midlothian. I am also a Primary School teacher and Mum of two Hypnobirthed babies. 

It was because of my wonderful and empowering birthing experiences that I decided to train to become a KG Hypnobirthing Instructor.

I am passionate about women and birth. I believe that with the right information and techniques any woman (no matter how anxious she is) can have a positive birthing journey.

Before taking a Hypnobirthing course I was like most mothers-to-be, my knowledge of birthing consisted of what I had seen in the movies and other women's stories (both of which were not particularly positive or realistic images of birth). 

During the course I felt like I was seeing true birth for the first time. My mind-set was transformed. I felt so confident in my body and so knowledgeable about what birth physically (and mentally) entailed. 

After my first birth I raved about Hypnobirthing to every pregnant (and non pregnant!) woman I saw. I wanted to let women into the “secret” that birth doesn’t have to be scary. It truly is the best experience of your life. My husband suggested I channel my enthusiasm and train to be a Hypnobirthing teacher and I’ve not looked back since.

I believe that I have a unique insight into Hypnobirthing as I am proof that the method works.

I would be humbled to be part of your birthing journey. Let me unlock the “secret” to a more informed and empowered birth. You won’t believe how easy it is to have a birth without fear.

Rachel Boyland (read more)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Congratulations on your pregancy! My name is Rachel Boyland and as well as being a qualified hypnobirthing teacher, I am also a registered midwife. My aim is to provide you and your birth companion with all the tools you need to have an easier, more calm and positive birth experience.

The effects of hypnobirthing are wonderful and will empower you to relax and trust your body and your baby . The course teaches simple deep relaxation, massage and breathing techniques which allow for a better birth experience. Hypnobirthing also values the contribution of your birthing partner, giving them a role in helping you to bring your baby into the world in most gentle and loving way.

Feel free to drop me an email, look up my ‘Hypnobabies Glasgow‘ page on Facebook or call me if you would like more information or you would like to talk more.


Andrea Lawrie (read more)
Location: Newtonhill, Stonehaven
Phone: 07411 755895
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi, I'm Andrea - mum to 2 boys, experienced Midwife, KGHypnobirthing Teacher, and midwifery educator.  I believe women and families should have access to accurate, evidence-based information to enable you to make informed choices during pregnancy, child birth and parenthood.  I used hypnobirthing techniques for the births of both my sons - one born in hospital and the other at home and as a midwife I have supported many women during pregnancy, labour and birth, who have benefitted from Hypnobirthing.  I understand the myriad choices and often conflicting information women and families face and can support you to navigate through these choices and teach you KGHypnobirthing techniques to help you release any doubts or fears and achieve a positive, confident birth.


andrea lawrie signature

  B.Midwifery, RM, Dip.HB (KGH), FHEA

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