KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to your first steps on your KG Hypnobirthing journey. 

My name is Natalie and I am a mum to two little boys. I am passionate about hypnobirthing and am keen to spread the word of the benefit it provides both mothers and partners in the lead up to and during labour.

The preparation my husband and I did through hypnobirthing enbled us to stay in control during my labours and provided us with the most wonderful birthing experiences despite them not taking the path we had originally hoped and planned for. We would not change them for the world!

I am also a physiotherapist and feel the benefits of hypnobirthing don't only reflect on more positive birth experiences but also on postnatal recovery with evidence showing less incidence of interventions in hypnobirthing mothers. 

I would love to support you on your KG Hypnobirthing journey.


Why KG Hypnobirthing?

KG Hypnobirthing is a birth preparation program which provides a complete antenatal education. It is logical, practical and easy to comprehend with the aim to facilitate a postive birth and provide tools for you to have control of your birthing experiences. It also has great benefits to partners; providing tools to enable them to support you, keep calm and feel part of the birthing experience. 

Feeling calm and in control facilitates a positive birthing environment and experience which also benefits your baby. 



"I have to admit I had that classic 'old school' mentality. Hypnobirthing was not something I knew much about and couldn't see how it could really make much of a difference. Even during some of the practice sessions with my partner I would often laugh my way through some of the exercises and was just looking forward to the big day. How wrong I was though? I can honestly say that the way the hypnobirthing routines and ideas brought us together through the birth blew my mind. I was with my partner through every contraction and breath, and we were joined in what felt like an incredible journey right until the end. I was even praised by the midwife for being such an attentive birthing partner! I cannot recommend highly enough how it improved our birthing experience and I can only suggest you go for it and see for yourselves." Hypnobirthing Dad 

"Hypnobirthing opened my eyes to another approach to birth and really brought what seemed like a mysterious event, back to basic, natural instincts." First Time Mum



Please visit the website to see what courses are currently planned. I run 1-to-1 and group two day weekend courses.

No course to suit you? Still get in touch. We are always planning new course dates and locations. 

Located in: Norfolk | Suffolk

KGHypnobirthing has been featured in:

The Sunday Times The Guardian Radio 4 Woman's Hour Prima Baby & Pregnancy OK! Mother & Baby  The Telegraph Daily Mail


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