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Sue Williams – Conwyhypnobirthing

13 Maes-Y-Castell , Conwy, LL30 1NG, Wales

13 Maes-Y-Castell , Conwy, LL30 1NG, Wales

Hypnobirthing is for any type of birth wherever you decide to have your baby.

Suitable for any stage of pregnancy, empowering you to make great choices throughout your pregnancy and birth.

It is a full antenatal preparation, where you learn how your body works on a muscular and hormonal level.

You will learn what you can do to make your birth comfortable and calm and the reasons behind the methods.

Both you and your partner will gain knowledge and skills that may be adapted to many situations in your daily life too.


I’m Sue, a practicing midwife with over 40 years experience, a hypnobirthing instructor and a hypnotherapy practitioner.Online Course

Also a mother of 2 lovely daughters who have between them 7 children making me an immensely proud ‘nanny’ . 

I live in Llanrhos, a small town on the North Wales Coast in Conwy County.

I will be forever grateful to my daughter, who when pregnant with her 3rd baby asked me to learn about hypnobirthing so she could do it properly, what a turning point in my life this became.

So I did learn and I gained my diploma with Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing back in 2017 and my 1st clients were my daughter and her husband who after 2 hospital births decided to stay at home and birthed their 10lb 10oz son at home!

Since then I have worked with many expectant Mums and their birth partners, teaching hypnobirthing and offering a full antenatal education.

Rachel & Paul

Rachel’s waters broke on 18th and she went into labour naturally. She gave birth on the same day at 20.04 hours to a baby boy 9lb 70z, 15 days overdue! The doctors said to prepare for a c – section because he might not come out naturally.

Massive thank you from both of us, we really feel like we had a better experience because of hypnobirthing.



Sue’s course helped us prepare for our birth beyond all our expectations. Thanks to her, we felt prepared for every possible scenario, confident enough to be able to speak up and voice our needs, and relaxed and positive throughout the whole birth, no matter the hiccups that came our way.

You will be given the attention you need to prepare the arrival of your little one in a relaxing and loving setting. We felt relaxed the minute we stepped in Sue’s house!

Can’t recommend it enough!


The best thing we’ve done since getting pregnant! Sue has truly made us excited for our birth experience and we can’t wait. With her knowledge of both midwifery and hypnobirthing, Sue is a magical find and someone who has really helped us feel prepared and relaxed for our birth. Practice makes perfect and we look forward to undertaking our journey together to meet our first child. 

With the help of my KGH diploma and many years helping women birth their babies, I have put together 4 sessions which are designed to provide you with information and tools to prepare you for a comfortable, calm and confident birth experience.

Previous experience of labour and birth may leave you with limiting expectations, I will tailor the course to help you enjoy your pregnancy and look forward positively to your baby’s birthday.

Relax and learn the simple logical and very effective methods to help release fears and anxieties surrounding pregnancy and birth.

I teach the birth process in a no nonsense practical way, which enables you to understand what is happening to your body.

Knowledge is power and allows you and your birthing partner to remain confident and in control.

Each course is adapted to suit your particular requirements, be it your first baby or fourth.

In addition a comprehensive support package is attached to each course.

Price includes a place for you and your chosen birth partner.

Bespoke In person at Llanrhos, Conwy LL30 1NG  £210

Bespoke Live online £200

Group Course £180