KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What does the course consist of?

RCM Logo Firstly it is important to know that the KGHypnobirthing Teacher Training Course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives so you can have confidence in its professionalism and quality.

It is made up of three modules:

Birthing Foundation

This online module covers the physiology aspects of birth. The Birthing Foundation part of the course is taught via a series of videos by Katharine Graves and two senior midwifes who are also experienced KG Hypnobirthing teachers. It is a refreshing and informative approach to birth.

Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing

The Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing module is important. We feel that it is necessary for you to have a good understanding of and practice in hypnotherapy before you start to teach couples hypnobirthing. To have a brief explanation is quite different to having spent time experiencing and administering the techniques. It is simple yet also profound. This is why each part of the course is taught by a specialist in that field.

KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Training

This is the core of the course. It goes through the hypnobirthing course you will teach to parents, giving you a logical programme to teach by, and notes on how to get started as a professional KGHypnobirthing teacher. This module is taught by a specialist hypnobirthing teacher who also has extensive knowledge of midwifery.  There is both face-to-face and virtual Zoom course options.

2. Do I need to do the full course?

In order to be a fully accredited KGH teacher, you will need to do the three modules detailed above. However, if you are a midwife you receive exemption from the Birthing Foundation module. If you are trained in hypnotherapy you are exempt from the Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing module.

3. What does it cost?

CourseCourse Fee
Face-to-face  £797
Virtual  £650


4. Can I pay by installments?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer the option of paying by instalments.

5. How can I make payment and reserve a place?

Reserve your place and pay in full online here. Your place is reserved when you make your payment.

6. What do I do if I want to repeat the course?

When you have been teacher for a while it can be extremely helpful to repeat any or all of the modules to refresh your knowledge.

The online courses remain available to you after your course, but if you wish to repeat the 3 day attended module then you can do so at a reduced rate by calling or emailing the office.

7. What do I do if I have trained in another method already and I would like to change to KGHypnobirthing?

We would love to have you join the KGH family and many teachers do train with us after teaching in another school. Please call us to discuss your individual situation. Most people would then attend a course at the repeaters rate.

8. Who teaches the course?

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers. Each module of the course is taught by a specialist in that field so you get the very best and most up-to-date information. For example you would not want a midwife to teach hypnotherapy or hypnobirthing, but you would benefit from her knowledge in the Birthing Foundation module. Therefore the Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing module is taught by an experienced hypnotherapist who is also trained in hypnobirthing. The KGHypnobirthing Teacher Training module is taught by a very experienced specialist hypnobirthing teacher who also had extensive knowledge of midwifery and hypnotherapy. The Birthing Foundation module is taught by senior midwives who are also trained in hypnobirthing.

9. Will I get help getting started?

The KGHypnobirthing Teacher Training module also contains a section of help and advice on how to start your hypnobirthing practice. We give help and advice in producing leaflets, pricing and promoting your hypnobirthing courses, and other aspects of starting teaching, as well as answering any questions you have. Once you have completed the course, you will be invited to become a member of the private KGHypnobirthing teachers’ Facebook groups so you can ask questions and learn from more experienced hypnobirthing teachers.  There is a wealth of information in the teachers’ area of our website and monthly newsletters to KGH teachers give tips on your teaching as well as running your business.

10. What additional costs are there?

You will provide each couple you teach with The Hypnobirthing Book and the KGHypnobirthing relaxation audio, Colour and Calmness.  Advice on starting your practice will be given on the course. You will need insurance, which may be covered by insurance you already have if you are practising in a similar field.

11. What does the course fee include?

The fee also includes your copy of The Hypnobirthing Book and the Colour and Calmness audio as well as your comprehensive teaching folder and a sample of the handouts you give to parents.

12. What does the course cover?

We cover everything you need to know to teach hypnobirthing effectively and confidently.

The KGHypnobirthing Teacher Training course is logically structured and evidence based.  You could look at it as if you were building a house. 

The first session that we teach to parents is like building the foundations.  Parents need the background knowledge and the rationale for what we do, otherwise the rest of the course doesn’t make sense.  With a sound foundation, whatever structure you build on it will stand firm.  People don’t understand how much they need this session until they see how it all holds together.  The logic behind the course is a real ‘aha’ moment for parents, particularly dads, and it is important you feel confident how to present this.

I compare the second session to building the structure of the house.  This includes the techniques which people think is what they have come for.  We believe the techniques we teach are excellent and we offer you the very best, but they are only a part of what you need to put across to parents.  Techniques like breathing, visualisations and relaxations have been around for years, and they are good, but KGHypnobirthing offers so much more.

In session three we furnish the house.  You will appreciate how important this session is as your knowledge grows.  It has evolved from the questions parents asked which are not answered anywhere else.  It’s good to know what to do, but parents also need to know how to apply it in the system in which they find themselves.  This information is vital.  It gives parents the information to know what the alternatives are, what their choices are, and the implications or their choices so they can make the best choice for them.  Many parents will say at the end of the course that this was the most useful session and are horrified that they didn’t even know what they didn’t know until they came to the KGH course.

Session four is when the couples that we teach move into the house to live in it.  It is the other part of the course that people expect to come for, which is how you use what you have learnt on the KGH course at the birth.  Even here, couples have little idea of the importance of some of the decisions they need to make.  We give them information that they may not be given elsewhere.

What makes KGHypnobirthing so special?

  • The highly effective work to release fear. Many women approach the birth of their baby with fear, and they find themselves in a system which is fear-based.  Releasing the fear is vital.
  • The birth partner’s role. Often the partner is the only person who provides continuity of care throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.  To have someone performing this role who is well-informed and confident is vital.
  • We give our couples simple and clear instructions on the practice they need to do at home. Hypnobirthing is not done at the course, it is not done at the birth, but the work, as in any other area of life, is done in the practice and preparation.  This is vital.
  • How to deal with the system is of paramount importance. Inevitably maternity care in the UK is a system as it has to deal with three-quarters of a million births each year.  The couples we teach understand how the system works and how to get the personalised care they need within it.

All these things can make birth the most wonderful and inspiring experience of a woman’s life and this is what you teach as a KGH teacher.

You will work from our teachers’ manual that takes you step-by-step through the information you need to give and how you teach the KGH course.  You will also receive a copy of the best-selling The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves, and the folder for your parents to practise from.  You will also know where to go for the latest evidence and research.

At the end of the course you will have the confidence and knowledge to make birth a wonderful and empowering experience for the women you teach, and give their babies the best possible start in life.

Your course includes:

  • The mind/body continuum
  • The rationale of hypnobirthing
  • The reality of how the mind affects the body
  • Breathing techniques to use in labour
  • Visualisations to focus on so that birth evolves smoothly and naturally
  • The relaxations you need to facilitate the birth you want
  • The positive statements that lead to a positive birth experience
  • What to do if labour takes a different turn
  • The questions to ask your caregivers
  • Your choices and the implications of your choices

How to get going as a hypnobirthing teacher

  • Your KGHypnobirthing teaching practice
  • KGHypnobirthing resources
  • KGHypnobirthing teacher support
  • Business basics
  • Promoting your business
  • Starting teaching
  • Additional resources
  • Questions

13. What happens after the course?

After the course you complete an assessment. This is designed to help you go through the material, so you feel confident that you have it at your fingertips when you start to teach.

14. What qualification do I receive after the course?

Once we have marked your assessment, you will receive your KGHypnobirthing Diploma and be entitled to use the letters DipHb(KGH) after your name. KGHypnobirthing is widely respected as leading the field of hypnobirthing.

15. What are the benefits of being a KGHypnobirthing teacher?

It is very rewarding to know that you are supporting pregnant women and their partners at such a precious time.  KGHypnobirthing provides full-time office support for your questions and Katharine Graves is available to answer specific queries about hypnobirthing.  Members also benefit from the private KGH teachers’ Facebook groups for general teacher support and marketing advice, as well as access to teaching resources on the website.  Whilst you have a membership, you can order discounted products in our shop and on Amazon and have a teacher listing on the KGH website which will help direct clients your way.  You will receive a monthly newsletter which gives tips and encouragement for your teaching, latest research, and keeps you abreast of what is happening in the world of birth.  Your first year of membership is free of charge with your course fee and you will join a wonderful, supportive community of KGH teachers.

16. How do I find work after the course?

This is covered in the course. When you are qualified you will be invited to create a teachers’ listing on the KGHypnobirthing website which is where many pregnant women look to find a qualified teacher.

If you would like help and advice, please ask. We want to support you in being successful, so make use of our knowledge and experience. The Facebook groups can be very useful for advice from other teachers too.

17. Will you help me introduce hypnobirthing into my hospital?

We frequently work with midwives to help them introduce hypnobirthing into their hospitals. Hospitals that have become hypnobirthing hospitals have been delighted with the results. We work flexibly with the hospital to give them support in whatever way they would like to move forward. As each unit is different, we tailor our support to their needs.

18. Do I need special qualifications to become a KGHypnobirthing teacher?

No!  Passion, enthusiasm and commitment are all you need.  KGHypnobirthing teachers are from a wide variety of backgrounds and you will bring your own unique skills, knowledge and experience with you to your practice.

19. How long does it take to do the online modules?

The Online Modules take approximately 9 hours to complete, 6 hours for the Birth Foundation and 3 hours for the Hypnotherapy module.

KGHypnobirthing has been featured in:

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