KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth.

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How Do I Train to be a Hypnobirthing Teacher?

There are several different courses available to learn how to be a hypnobirthing instructor, teacher or practitioner.

How to choose a hypnobirthing teacher training course

Choosing a hypnobirthing course which is right for you depends on what you want and how you wish to use the qualification– do you want it to supplement your midwifery or hypnotherapy practice or run your own hypnobirthing business?  Look at the differences in hypnobirthing teacher training courses to compare them:

How is the course delivered?

Are the modules online? How many hours of face-to-face training is provided?  The KGHypnobirthing course has two online modules and then a classroom session:

  • Birthing Foundation (online)
  • Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing (online)
  • Hypnobirthing - a three-day face-to-face course.
Vicki Youdan

Vicki Youdan

A heartfelt thank you to Katharine... I feel like the KGHypnobirthing training has taken everything I was practising as a psychologist, added some empowering, fascinating birth knowledge and wrapped it up into the neatest, scientifically grounded, most affirming, fulfilling parcel this research-loving mum-service-provider could ask for. It’s given me a whole new career that fits with my skills, my values and my family life – and THAT is truly priceless

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Where is the course held?

Are the courses local to you? Can you combine it with staying with friends / family?

KGHypnobirthing teacher training courses are held in Bristol, York, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham a few times per year and in London around ten times per year.  People fly in from all over the world to attend our courses – recently people have arrived from countries including Brazil, the Czech Republic, Greece, Switzerland, India, Australia, the Philippines, Germany, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Qatar, Norway, Portugal and Singapore.  For upcoming dates please see below:

We also hold courses in a variety of places around the world.  If you have sufficient demand in your country, we will come and train you there.

Is the course accredited?

Not all hypnobirthing courses are equal. Look out for accreditations by key professional bodies.

The KGHypnobirthing teacher training course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, demonstrating its high quality.

How is the course assessed?

There are a variety of assessment methods being used, from structured reflections, demonstrations to case studies and written assessments.

The KGHynobirthing diploma qualification is assessed through a series of questions designed to test your knowledge of hypnobirthing and give you confidence when you start to teach. This is marked by an independent assessor

What is the qualification?

It is sometimes not clear what qualification is on offer – make sure you check so that you know what you are working towards.

When you pass the assessment for KGH, you will receive the KGHypnobirthing Diploma and can use the following letters after your name: DipHb(KGH).

What does the course cover?

Consider whether the course will provide you with what you would like to learn. Does it cover the physiology of birth? How does it teach you about hypnotherapy and the relaxation techniques?  Is it evidence-based?

The KGHypnobirthing teacher training course has all the elements you will need to set up as a hypnobirthing instructor and run courses for parents.  Example materials are provided.  Read more about what the KGH course covers <link to FAQ question 13>

Look through the options and decide based on your own requirements.  Please give us a call if you want to discuss it.  Think about how you want to use your hypnobirthing training, the support you want in working with clients and setting up your business, and the skills and knowledge you are bringing with you.

How do I know if I have selected the right course?

The KGHypnobirthing teacher training course is logical and evidence-based, it is a comprehensive course which offers all the tools which you need to deliver the hypnobirthing course to parents-to-be.  KGHypnobirthing teachers support pregnant women and their partners during pregnancy and birth.  They do not give medical advice, but signpost information on a whole range of topics as they arise.  You will be provided with your full set of teaching materials, which includes a parents’ folder and The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves.

Some KGH teachers are also doulas (birth companion).  KGH teachers have a range of backgrounds and take the KGHypnobirthing teacher training course for so many different reasons.  Read some examples of why our teachers selected KGHypnobirthing and how they feel about the ongoing support:

Read our guide on what hypnobirthing teachers do and take a look at our teacher testimonials.


KGHypnobirthing has been featured in:

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