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Paula Lane featured in OK Magazine - Career, Babies and Hypnobirthing

ok cover magazine hypnobirthingMany thanks to the lovely Paula Lane and her husband Tom Shaw for helping to spread the word about Hypnobirthing.  In her recent feature in OK Magazine she talks about her upcoming birth and using KG Hypnobirthing. 

Since this was published I have had the pleasure of teaching KG Hypnobirthing to both Paula and Tom Shaw in their beautiful cottage with a fabulous view across the Yorkshire Dales. Paula and Tom were incredibly hospitable, and plied me with cream scones. It’s a good thing the course was over in two days!

Paula had just finished her last day’s filming for Coronation Street and can now turn her attention to looking after her son, Arthur (toys everywhere!), and focussing on the birth of her new baby. The cottage was full of flowers, cards and gifts she had been given as leaving presents at her farewell party on ‘the street’ where she has been part of the team for 5 years. She told me she is sad to see this period of her life draw to a close and to leave the Coronation Street ‘family’, but is looking forward to new avenues opening up when she is ready to go back to work.

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Actress Paula Lane Embraces KG Hypnobirthing

We are excited to announce that KG Hypnobirthing will be working with English actress Paula Lane of Coronation Street fame. Paula played the role of Kylie Platt and has recently left the series in preparation for her second child.

I'm so looking forward to starting my Hypnobirthing journey with Katharine - something that I can share with my husband too to make the experience for us both extra special. Relaxation is key and I can't wait to fully immerse myself in the course.

Earlier this year she announced that child number two will be a girl, giving a baby sister to her 17 month old son Arthur.

We look forward to sharing KG Hypnobirthing with Paula and her husband Tom Shaw, helping and empowering her to enjoy the best birth for her second child.

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine

It is fabulous that the word is spreading about the importance of not fixating on your due date.  Prima Baby Magazine have an article in their latest edition which quotes Katharine about the keeping your dates to yourself:

Unnecessary Stress

Katharine Graves, founder of KG Hypnobirthing and author of The Hypnobirthing Book agrees that fixating on due dates causes unnecessary stress for mums-to-be.

“All babies arrive on their due dates,” she says. “It’s simply that they don’t tell you what that date is until they get here!” She adds, “ There’s no such thing as a ‘late’ baby, only women who have different length pregnancies.”

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Mother and Baby Magazine Feature

We are very pleased to be featured in Mother & Baby Magazine (May 2016) with ‘The Secrets of a Hypnobirthing Specialist’ talking about keeping your due date quiet:


Not telling family and friends your due date could help you stay calm as you prepare to give birth, says hypnobirthing specialist Katharine Graves.

‘The question that everyone asks you when you are pregnant is, “When’s the baby due?”

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Hypnobirthing Enjoys Positive Press Thanks to Suzanne Shaw

We were very happy to share the hypnobirthing journey with Suzanne Shaw and her fiancée Sam Greenfield. Suzanne’s gorgeous son Rafferty was born in a birthing pool at their home.

Suzanne has been very candid about her journey and how hypnobirthing not only transformed her birth experience but has provided her many new life skills.

“Raffi’s birth was brilliant, the birthing pool was fantastic. I was in active labour for 7 hours, 5 and a half I could say it was close to pain free. When I needed to start pushing was when I felt, this is labour, this is giving birth.”

“But because I had prepared myself, my breathing was in the right place, my mind was in the right place, my thought process was in the right place, I went with it and it was an incredible experience.”

“Afterwards I felt this overwhelming feeling of empowerment and the fact that I could just dance on the roof and think I could actually do anything, I am a super hero!”

The national papers have given Suzanne’s story some fantastic positive press. Below are some screen shots and links to the stories.

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