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Mother and Baby Magazine Feature

We are very pleased to be featured in Mother & Baby Magazine (May 2016) with ‘The Secrets of a Hypnobirthing Specialist’ talking about keeping your due date quiet:


Not telling family and friends your due date could help you stay calm as you prepare to give birth, says hypnobirthing specialist Katharine Graves.

‘The question that everyone asks you when you are pregnant is, “When’s the baby due?”

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Hypnobirthing Enjoys Positive Press Thanks to Suzanne Shaw

We were very happy to share the hypnobirthing journey with Suzanne Shaw and her fiancée Sam Greenfield. Suzanne’s gorgeous son Rafferty was born in a birthing pool at their home.

Suzanne has been very candid about her journey and how hypnobirthing not only transformed her birth experience but has provided her many new life skills.

“Raffi’s birth was brilliant, the birthing pool was fantastic. I was in active labour for 7 hours, 5 and a half I could say it was close to pain free. When I needed to start pushing was when I felt, this is labour, this is giving birth.”

“But because I had prepared myself, my breathing was in the right place, my mind was in the right place, my thought process was in the right place, I went with it and it was an incredible experience.”

“Afterwards I felt this overwhelming feeling of empowerment and the fact that I could just dance on the roof and think I could actually do anything, I am a super hero!”

The national papers have given Suzanne’s story some fantastic positive press. Below are some screen shots and links to the stories.

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Daily Mail Article Helping to Change Perceptions of Birth

A fascinating article about one women’s experience of an orgasmic child birth. This is not a new phenomenon but is all too often dismissed and derided, as can be seen by the comments on the article. Quoted by the Daily Mail, Katharine gives further detail:

daily mail s‘The hormone oxytocin has been described as the hormone of calm and of love. We produce it as we fall in love and make love and the biggest production of it is while giving birth.’

‘But the main thing that gets in the way is fear. Society believes birth is painful and traumatic and you can’t have produce adrenaline and oxytocin at the same time.’

Hypnobirthing, which teaches self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques to reduce fear and improve confidence during labour, is becoming more popular.

And Katharine predicts it may well lead to an increase in the number of orgasmic birth experiences.  For instance, one of her midwives recently assisted a couple during an orgasmic birth.

‘It was a home birth and they wanted low light and soft music throughout,’ she says. ‘Both of them were in bed and the partner was doing nipple and clitoral stimulation.  The midwife was only allowed in once an hour to check the baby’s heartbeat. She virtually had to crawl in to attach the heart monitor so as not to disturb them.  I believe it all worked out the way they wanted it to.’

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Congratulations on your Hypnobirth!

suzanne ok hypnobirthing smWe are happy to report that Suzanne Shaw who trained in KG Hypnobirthing had her baby boy last month.  Suzanne wanted to change her birth experience to a positive one after experiencing a difficult birth with her first son.  

With the knowledge that she learned from hypnobirthing she was empowered to choose a homebirth.

“We had all these candles lit, it was beautiful and calming. I also had my Katharine Graves hypnobirthing CD on in the background.”

Suzanne describing hypnobirthing:

"It’s deep mediation, deep breathing and going into a safe place in your mind. I had posted affirmations all around the room, things like ‘trust your body’. I was breathing through the contractions to put myself into a really nice place. If I felt I was having a really bad contraction, I took myself off on a magic carpet to my little oasis in my mind and it really worked!”

The full story is available in the November issue of OK Magazine 

Well done Suzanne and Sam on your beautiful son Rafferty.

English Actress Suzanne Shaw Chooses KG Hypnobirthing

Suzanne hubby sqSuzanne Shaw, accomplished television and theatre actress, who found fame in Hear'Say, is using Hypnobirthing for her second pregnancy and we are delighted she has chosen KG Hypnobirthing.  You can follow her progress on her popular blogs on Closer Online.  

In her latest blog she describes the benefits of hypnobirthing that she is already beginning to feel.  She is practising daily and using the positive affirmation that we provide to ensure she stays in a right frame of mind.  Good luck Suzanne and keep practising.  We are very excited to share this journey with you.

Read more of Suzanne's blogs here:

I am trying out KG Hypnobirthing
Daily practising of KG Hypnobirthing

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