KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth.

The course far exceeded any expectations that I had!

Jessima attended the KGH Virtual Teacher Training Course and recently wrote to us with this review. As a midwife, she says she thought she knew everything about hypnobirthing but the course re-ignited her spark and calling to midwifery. She says the course will change the way she will practice as a midwife forever!

"I attended the KGH teacher training session in September 2022 and was taught by the lovely Nancy Keen. If I had to describe Nancy I would say she is like a steaming cup of tea and a pack of biscuits. Comforting, warm and sweet. 

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Jump in and teach!

Nancy Keen is a mother, KGHypnobirthing (KGH) trainer and teacher. She runs Birth Right Hypnobirthing and has been a teacher trainer with KGH for many years. She makes her teaching fit around her family – they even get involved in welcoming couples onto her courses! 

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“They come thinking it is about relaxation techniques but are often surprised by how much is about knowing their choices.”

Deborah Hanson is a KGHypnobirthing teacher, a midwife, a specialist midwife in infant feeding and a birth trauma practitioner as well as being mother to four wonderful children.  She runs Birth Dreams in the Midlands after attending a hypnobirthing teacher training course with KGHypnobirthing in Birmingham in September 2016.  Deborah believes that key to her success are real life stories, networking and word-of-mouth.

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“It’s refreshing to feel I am actually making a difference. I consider Katharine’s methods to be the best.”

Flexibility is the key for Emma Bryant, KGHypnobirthing teacher living in Dorset.  As soon as she had completed the hypnobirthing teacher training course in Bristol in February 2019 run by KGHypnobirthing, she wanted to get on with delivering the courses to new parents.  Running her own business as E B Fitness & Well-being, Emma is a pre- and post-natal personal trainer and fitness instructor as well as a KGHypnobirthing teacher.  Find out about her journey from territory sales manager to forging a new career in wellbeing.

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Hypnobirthing mum inspired to become a hypnobirthing teacher!

"Birthing Archie was the best moment of my life and I feel that this is something I must help to share with other women. I am beaming with excitement to help mothers and their birthing partners to feel positive and calm during their birth, to feel comfortable with any decisions that they make and to know that they can have a birth that is right for both them and their baby.”


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It may sound dramatic, but it changed my life!

Vicki Youdan sqIf you are wondering what it is really like being a hypnobirthing practitioner, read this extensive article about Vicki Youdan, KGHypnobirthing teacher and breastfeeding peer supporter who runs Paratoi

Vicki attended a hypnobirthing teacher training course in Bristol with KGHypnobirthing in April 2018 and is making a real success of her practice and says, “it has given me a whole new career which fits with my skills, values and family life – and THAT is truly priceless!”

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KGHypnobirthing is inclusive for all types of births

I am a midwife with 10 years experience and I recently had a baby. I have seen the wonder that is hypnobirthing as a caregiver and now I have experienced it myself and I feel that the more women we can help to learn about it the better.

When I did the KG teacher training, I was delighted to learn that you share the same ethos as me. What I thought didn’t exist in the market does in the shape of the KGH course. I thought that Hypnobirthing courses seemed to exclude women whose births don’t follow the ‘normal’ pathway and I was relieved to see that KGH is not like that at all, it is inclusive and about supporting all women.   - Penny (Midwife, Hypnobirthing Teacher and Hypnobirthing Mum)

Fantastic Support from KG Hypnobirthing

I wanted to email you to express my gratitude for the support provided by KG Hypnobirthing. Not only did I teach my first paying clients last weekend, who found me through the teacher directory on the KG Hypnobirthing website, I am also currently on-call for my first doula client who found me via KG Hypnobirthing's list of hypnobirthing doulas.

Within three months - with no money spent on marketing my business - my course has virtually paid for itself!

Many thanks,

Fulfilling and enlightening

Thank you so much for this week virtual Teacher Training.

It was a wonderful week, very fulfilling and enlightening. I have found it so interesting and can’t wait to learn more and build my knowledge. It has been great to meet you and learn from your extensive experience.

I haven’t had children yet but this week alone has really eased my own fears surrounding birth, It’s been so helpful and informative. I hope I can do as good a job for others in the future.

Many thanks

Inspiring, positive, supportive, AMAZING!

What a mind-blowing 3 days I have just experienced! Conducted by 2 experienced, knowledgeable, supportive, KGH teachers - Kemi and Nancy!

I have learnt so much, I have so much passion to go and pass on what I now know to impending parents. There is so much after care and support available.  It feels like a little family that you belong to. Additionally, I met some lovely new people, from far and wide, all with the same passion! 

It's an honour to belong to KGH.

Doreen (August 2019)

Incredibly excited to go and teach

The friendliness of the trainers and how approachable they both were made it easy for me to go to them with any questions. The trainers’ enthusiasm and love for the course was infectious and has made me incredibly excited to go on and teach parents.  The detailed pack of resources that will help to guide me through the course and the trainers’ detailed knowledge on every aspect of hypnobirthing.


Wealth of knowledge

What did I like about the course?

  • The interaction between the 2 trainers – two very different types of birth “geeks” gave a good training experience.
  • The training materials are so clear and well thought out.
  • The wealth of knowledge from all the other participants in the course was brilliant – midwives, mums, teachers – amazing.
  • The experience and knowledge of studies and facts to support or discuss around the topics.

Re-invigorated my passion

I enjoyed every aspect of the course. The trainers are so so knowledgeable and have shared this so wonderfully with the group. I am excited to share this with couples in the future. As a midwife I feel the course has re-invigorated my passion and reminded me of why I first entered the profession which sometimes is hard to hold onto when working within the constraints of the NHS.


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