KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth.

Absolutely Fabulous

I’ve never had so much peace in all my life.  It was absolutely fabulous.

-  Kay

Practical Tips

Thank you for all your tips about ‘giving the class’.

-  Camille

Good Biscuits!

I liked the fact that nothing was considered a silly question, that the class kept to time, movement in the room was not discouraged, generous allocation of CDs, down-to-earth presentation, interesting fellow students, and good biscuits!

-  Sheila

Powerful Human Stories

The human stories are more powerful than theory and cement everything in place.

-  Helen

A True Gift

Thank you so much for your hypnobirthing teacher training course. It felt like a true gift.


Definitely Doing the Right Thing

"Doing the course with Katharine, and having such a supportive network with the association is BRILLIANT. . .I have never felt so happy and excited about everything in my life. . . definitely doing the right thing."

-  Nancy


Your Teaching Makes It Easy

Your attitude of teaching so smoothly makes it easier for me to prepare for my country.  I liked the music, and your voice.  -  Duna


Truly Inspiring

Such interesting information.  Truly inspiring.  I feel I have learned so much.  Thank you.  -  Claire


So Lovely To Take Part

It’s a lot of information to take in, but it has all been presented in the best possible way.  It’s been so lovely to take part in this course.  Thank you.  -  Sophia


My Knowledge and Confidence Has Really Grown

‘Since spending the 2 days with Kemi I feel my knowledge and confidence has really grown! It's been amazing. Kemi literally is a font of all knowledge and I could have happily carried on talking and asking questions for days! All questions were answered clearly and concisely with no grey areas left. It was great - thank you Kemi! I love your approach and if only I'd had a midwife like you for my births.’ - Jackie

Amazing Job

‘Can I just also say a huge thank you for the amazing job you did the last two days. I do a lot of CPD training courses (addicted I think!) and this was easily the most interesting/informative/fun. 

I loved it and got so much out of it, you clearly have a natural gift for spreading an awesome knowledge and experience. Thank you.’  -  Leonie


Excellent Class

Your presentation skills, warm behaviour, your knowledge of the subject, atmosphere in the class, venue, good documentation made it an excellent class - Nick.


So Easy to Grasp the Ideas

Katharine’s way of teaching is like telling a story, which makes it so easy for me to grasp ideas.  -  Duna


Enhance My Midwifery Career

Was a life changing experience.  Will enhance my midwifery career amazingly.  Thank you   -  Elaine


All Positive

The relaxed approach, varied content and DVDs made it so convincing that hypnobirthing is the right thing to do.  All positive. Thank you so much.  I feel really excited to start teaching!  -  Sophie


Inspirational …….. Informative ……. Thought Provoking

Inspirational and informative content.  Thought provoking also.  Thank you.  -  Claire


Excellent Content, Logical Presentation

I feel that the content of the course is excellent.  Presented in a very logical way.  -  Sophia

An Introduction to Hypnotherapy

 Really interesting

'Had a great day today.  Really interesting, and look forward to trying out some of the techniques tomorrow.’ - Shirley


The Information Just Sinks In

'The way of passing the info to me is amazing, just sinks in without effort.  It is done with so much passion'. – Duna


Happy With Everything

'I was very happy with everything we talked about and the exercises we did.' – Sophia


Excited & Thrilled By What I Have Gained

'I have thoroughly enjoyed these two days – they’ve totally blown me away.  I didn’t know what to expect and had no idea of the depth we would be going into the subject.  I’m so excited and thrilled at what I have gained.  I was captivated throughout.'  -  Nike

Confidence in the Materials & Information

As someone who has been a trainer for many years, my experience has always been one of needing to have absolute faith and confidence in the materials and information I am sharing, and I do with yours. Big thank you,


Fabulous Day

That’s the most fabulous day I’ve had in ages – Karen

My Teaching is Taking Off

My teaching is definitely taking off and all my work enquiries come through the Hypnobirthing Association website  -  Steph

Thorough, Supportive and Professional

Katharine Graves's approach empowers us all to be able to confidently offer Hypnobirthing to our mums-to-be and dad's in a way that is sympathetic to them, flexible enough to fit individual needs and reassuring to us that what we provide is thorough, supportive and presents us all as the professionals that we are.  -  Peter

The Way Our Clients Need It

I’m thankful to Katharine et al for starting the Hypnobirthing Association so that we can all continue to get support from each other and teach Hypnobirthing to everyone - the way our clients need it. – Sophie

Wonderful, Inspiring and Positive

The whole course (all 6 days) was wonderful, inspiring and positive, and I am filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  I can’t wait to start!  -  Caroline

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