KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth.

KGHypnobirthing at Darent Valley Hospital

Between March 2015 and February 2016 297 women attended our hypnobirthing classes at Darent Valley Hospital. Hypnobirthing techniques make a difference to the women that use them. Women are empowered and believe in their own strength. Even if their birth does not go as planned, they are so positive afterwards.

The birth stories these new families share are powerful and a great place to build family life from. We now take referrals as part of the Tocophobia pathway. We see these women with more confidence making choices about their care after hypnobirthing. We have started incorporating the techniques with women planning vaginal birth after caesarean section and hope to in the future to start classes specifically for those who have suffered past birth trauma.

The popularity of the classes is increasing with our mothers’ recommendations, I hope we can keep up with demand.

Very detailed and in-depth course - Amazing for midwives

At a recent course for midwives in Belfast.  Some of our feedback:

Comprehensive, evidence based information delivered in an enjoyable way

Seeing how KGH can work for all midwives unlike other hypnobirthing courses – working together is so important

Very detailed and in-depth course. Amazing for midwives – this should be part of university accreditation for students and more hospitals in N Ireland need this method

I loved how concise, informative and clear / usable all the information you gave us. I feel quite confident about teaching KGHypnobirthing now

Renewed Passion

Just to mention how you inspired and enlightened our group of L&D midwives, back at work we can't stop talking about our fabulous two days doing the hypnobirthing course, and yourself and Nancy were a perfect combination, your exuberance certainly shone through, loved the 'boots' and the lovely 'tee and pee' breaks, we were never so excited to have proper tea and lunch breaks, you both lifted our spirits and gave us a renewed passion to continue to support our amazing women during labour and birth with the extra power of KGHypobirthing - Bridget (Senior Midwife MLBU L&D)

Why Are Midwives Upskilling with KG Hypnobirthing?

iStock 000004897820 smA revolution in midwifery care is truly underway in the UK and further afield. This change has come about from a grass roots movement, from word of mouth and through the mothers themselves. Their desire to have a natural and comfortable childbirth has led them to KG Hypnobirthing.  

And their key supporters, the midwives, once they have witnessed a hypnobirth, want to know more.

Here we chat to a group of midwives about their experience of hypnobirthing and hope this gives you an insight into their reasons for upskilling in this area.  

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I Loved Every Minute Of It

Hi Katharine,

It was such an enjoyable course, really loved every minute of it and cannot wait to start classes. As promised I've attached the photos. Hopefully see you again soon!

Zoe (Royal Oldham Hospital Midwives Teacher Training Course)


Professional, Flexible and Inspiring

From our initial contact to completion of the course, KG hypnobirthing were professional, flexible, accommodating, very well supported by the latest midwifery evidence and above all inspiring. We had 21 members of staff trained and every single one of us found the standard of teaching extremely high. Comments were made by staff about how positive and motivated the training made them feel. We are looking to become a hypnobirthing hospital and very much look forward to a continued professional friendship with KG hypnobirthing.
Thanks you so much!

With kind regards

Lorraine Millward
Practice Development Midwife
Countess of Chester

Your Testimonials Are Very Well Earned

The way you have grown this phenomenon is AMAZING. Pure courage, dedication and grindingly hard work has got you here. Thank you for how you have shared it with so many of us. The testimonials are VERY well earned.

Claire (midwife)

KG Hypnobirthing Method is the Best

I went to a 2 hour talk on Hypnobirthing for Midwives, but I learnt more from KG Hypnobirthing and you in 20 minutes than I did in the whole 2 hours at a different talk.  Thanks 

Enjoyable and Inspiring

I just want to thank you for this opportunity and teaching such a valuable course which I found so enjoyable and inspiring.


Adding Another Dimension to Our Service

Our practice development manager has done a fantastic job in coordinating the multiple layers of administration etc. to ensure that as a Trust we will be able to add another dimension to our service which will ultimately improve women’s satisfaction and outcomes.


The Staff are Feeling Re-invigorated!

I wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful sessions; I have had some very positive comments from staff who feel they are re- invigorated! I think the days were pitched perfectly and we are also looking forward to the next sessions.


Loads of Support

I am so please that I trained with Katharine-no fuss, no nonsense, priority is the family and their experience. Loads of support. Very generous. Not prescriptive.


How Really Well You Taught Us

Hi Katharine, 

I thought I'd let you know I've just finished my first session with my first couple and it went really really well. It became clear how well you taught us as I felt like I knew a lot. I'm so excited about teaching the rest of the course - I'm splitting it into 4 sections as it's easier for me to teach in the evenings.

Thank you for everything again.


Emily x

I learnt so much and am now so inspired.

I wish to thank you for the wonderful two day Introduction to Hypnotherapy course that you taught to me recently.  I learnt so much and am now so inspired.  We have already started the hypnobirthing classes and I am enjoying teaching it so very very much.


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