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An Inspiring and Empowering 4 Days

Dear Katharine,

I am writing to thank you for an inspiring and empowering 4 days on your teacher training course. I had so many ‘light bulb’ moments where things just made so much sense that I can’t believe that I didn’t know them already.

Can’t wait to share my passion with couples and fellow midwives/maternity staff.

Best wishes

Jane (midwife).

Impact on my future practice in a positive way.

I found that my expectations were completely different to what was actually taught.  I imagined hypnobirthing to be a quick fix for labour pains, when actually hypnobirthing is something requiring commitment that can be used to bring much more positive experiences throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.  This course will most definitely impact on my future practice in a positive way.


Far Surpassed my Expectations

Best study / course I have attended in years. So well structured and prepared. Excellent handouts etc. I so enjoyed the whole course. Far surpassed my expectations. Inspirational and invaluable in fulfilling my role as a midwife and educator during the journey to parenthood.

Thoroughly enjoyed everything. Thank you Katharine!!


So Grateful to Have Your Input

So many thanks for coming to talk to us in Newham.  It was an amazing day for we who attended and we were so grateful to have your input.

Elaine  (midwife)

Passionate About Hypnobirthing

Thank you again for the time you spent talking to me, it means a lot to find a course where I can pick up the phone and speak to someone who is as passionate about hypnobirthing as I am.


I Learned So Much About Birth

I learned so much about birth – realised how uninformed I was despite reading books and attending classes.


Love the Course

Love the course. The confidence building script was fantastic! I feel so empowered both as a midwife and woman.

Thank you, Katharine, so much.


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