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Jenny Marsden (read more)
Location: Isle of Wight
Phone: 07856236522
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I became passionate about hypnobirthing after having a wonderful natural home hypnobirth (a lotus birth) with my daughter who is now 5.

I felt that I wanted to share the valuable information with other women, especially those whose only awareness of birth is from media and fear based stories. This is why I wanted to become a hypnobirthing teacher, to empower women with the information, confidence, tools and support to make the birth choices that are right for themselves and their family. I became a certified KG Hypnobirthing teacher in 2014, training alongside (and by) midwives.

I feel that the way a society develops, begins with birth; a woman who feels empowered becomes a strong mother to guide her children, a child who is born peacefully and calmly is the root of the ethos that the next generation holds, it is no coincidence that the way cultures birth is reflected in the kind of societyb that is built. Through giving mothers the tools to remember the ancient birthing wisdom within, I believe we can rebuilt the connection to each other as a society. I plan to run Hypnobirthing retreats on the Isle of Wight in the future.

 There is a prophesy that the indigenous cultures across the world believed in; that ancient knowledge would be hidden until the time was right for this to be revealed again. They believe this is the time. Hypnobirthing is the ancient knowledge, but backed up by research and modern science. 

I completed a year with the School of Shamanic Womancraft in 2015, facilitated by Jane Collingswood, an Australian Homebirth Midwife where I sat in circle with some very well celebrated Independent Midwives and Doula's in the UK, we also had women from France and Berlin join us. I learnt many skills and knowledge to support women through rites of passage, or moments of transformational life stages. I have learnt about celebrations using tools that our ancestors and many other cultures use to allow a mother to feel supported by other women and ready for her birth journey, she can use this experience during birth and these women can come together in the weeks following birth to support her in letting go of her birth experience, to focus on her new role as mother.

I also completed a Red Tent Doula course in 2015 and have supported mothers before during and after birth. I have been involved with facilitating Red Tent women's spaces; where the container is of non self judgement, where women can reconnect with each other and the aspects of being feminine that are often unexperienced in our culture. I plan to run pregnancy and postnatal circles with the same ethos, creating a community of support where women really feel connected to each other, safe to speak from the heart and heard non judgementally. I also do bellypainting and in the future plan to learn henna and belly casting.

I look forward to hearing enquiries from mothers who seek a conscious, calm and relaxed pregnancy and birth experience, to recieve support alongside them on their birth journey!

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