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KG Hypnobirthing

Teacher Training

Are you passionate about making birth better? Do you want to show people that birth isn’t something to fear? Would you like to build your own business around your existing commitments?
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Learn the skills to teacher Hypnobirthing

You will learn how to teach engaging and thorough hypnobirthing classes to parents, so they will feel empowered and prepared to have the birth they always wanted – no matter where or how they give birth. To be invited into a woman’s life at this special time of pregnancy, knowing that you are going to make it even better, is a huge privilege.  You will learn: 

  • The reasons why KGHypnobirthing is so effective
  • The difference between types of birth including natural, medical and places of birth
  • The natural efficiency and comfort of the body in labour
  • The simplicity of a calm birth and how to achieve it
  • The power of the mind
  • How to build confidence and let go of fears
  • The importance of a birth partner
  • How hypnotherapy works in KGHypnobirthing
  • Course fees Zoom £1050, In Person £1200 payment by installments available, please contact us for midwives pricing.

The course includes:

1. Self-study course – The Birthing Foundation

Before you start the course you need to have a basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of birth and midwifery practices, so you fully understand the logic of hypnobirthing, how it affects the body and the hormones, and why it is so powerful and effective. This section includes the principles of active birth. Midwives, obstetricians or people who have an in-depth training in birth receive exemption from this section, though many decide they would like to take this module as they find they learn to look at things rather differently.

Birthing Foundation is web based learning with Katharine Graves, Elizabeth Nightingale RM and Kemi Johnson RM. It will take you about two evenings to complete this module. Please complete it before you attend the rest of the course, though we will always do our best to be flexible to help you. This module will then be permanently available for your reference.

It is a requirement of starting the KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Module that you have completed the Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing and the Birthing Foundation modules first (unless you are entitled to exemption from either of these modules).

2. Self-study course – Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing

Anyone can read a hypnotherapy script but, if you are going to understand the course that you are training to present rather than just administering it by rote, you need to have a deeper understanding of how and why it works so well, and experience of delivering and receiving hypnotherapy. We take our responsibility in creating the course and in training teachers seriously. We believe we are the best, and we want you to be proud that you are the best too.

It takes about one evening to complete the Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing online course, with a further evening to complete the exercises you are asked to do on the course. If you are a hypnotherapist you will not need to complete this module.

3. Live-taught Course – The KGH Teacher Training

Either via Zoom or face to face – both cover exactly the same content but you choose which is most convenient for you.

This module is the core of the KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Course. KG Hypnobirthing is far more than a few techniques to use in labour. If that was all, we could teach you in half a day. It is a complete antenatal programme that is logical and profound. Hypnobirthing fundamentally changes a woman’s reality so that she releases fear, trusts her instincts, and learns to work with her body. It is essential to understand how the system in which she finds herself works, so that she knows the alternatives available to her, and the implications of her choices.

All our courses are designed to give you the best support from your teacher. We make sure you are well cared for and receive the very best training, and our support continues to be available to you after the course.

4. Your KGH Assessment & Diploma

At the end of the course there is an open book assessment for you to do in your own time. The purpose is to enable you to go over the material which is included in the course and The Hypnobirthing Book so that you feel confident you have it ‘at your finger tips’ ready to teach your first course. This is not an academic dissertation, but rather a practical demonstration of knowledge and understanding.

Upon completing these 4 modules and having your assessment marked, you will be sent a KGH Diploma and be certified to teach as a KGH Accredited Teacher.  You are entitled to use the letters DipHB(KGH) after your name as designation of the quality of your knowledge and training.

5. Ongoing Teaching and Business Support

Upon completing the course, you will have access to the KGH office for business support, copies of all the teaching material you need to get started and substantial discounts in the KGH shop.

You are also invited to join the following support groups: 

  • KGH Teachers:  A private Facebook group where current teachers can discuss matters relating to their hypnobirthing teaching and learn from the experience of other teachers.
  • Hypnobirthing Group: A public Facebook group to encourage general discussion around hypnobirthing and birth – any questions relating to pregnancy which pregnant women and their partners may ask. We invite all of the couples we teach to this group so they become part of our ever growing family and disseminate the knowledge of hypnobirthing to people who have not yet heard about it.

“You will find that teaching KGHypnobirthng is supremely satisfying and a massive privilege. It’s fun too. Birth is the most important event of a baby’s life, and giving birth is one of the most important events of a woman’s life. As a kgh teacher you have made a difference to a baby that could last a lifetime. You will love the course, and when you receive the first birth report from a woman you taught you will truly understand the positive difference you have made to someone’s life.”

Katharine Graves,
Founder of KGHypnobirthing
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