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KGH Fact Sheets

In pregnancy and to achieve the best possible birth you need to make important choices.  Sometimes you may feel under pressure and it is difficult to get factual and impartial information. 

We have put together these resource sheets on important topics such as induction of labour, breech babies, older mothers and many more to point you towards well-informed articles, blogs and books so you can have confidence that you have the knowledge to make the best choice for you and your baby.

Induction of Labour
There is currently an epidemic of Induction of Labour worldwide, and this intervention can set you on the path to a cascade of interventions. The pressure to agree to this significant intervention can turn the last few days and weeks of your pregnancy into a time of unhappiness and stress for you and many other women. The AIMS Guide to Induction of Labour says that ‘It is worth remembering that induction, whether medical or non-medical, is always an attempt to persuade your body to go into labour before your baby is ready to be born’; an excellent definition and food for careful thought. These articles will help you be well informed when you make your choices. You cannot make good choices when you are afraid.
Back to Back Babies
Anything in pregnancy that is a little different seems to be treated as a disaster. Find out the facts to put your mind at rest. The articles in this Information Sheet give practical advice for antenatal positioning and clear information about posterior position during labour.
Big Babies

Women can be unnecessarily stressed by the threat of a big baby.  No-one knows how big your baby is until it is born and weighed.  The guidelines say that we do not induce for a big (or little) baby. Relaxation and position when you give birth are more important than the size of your baby.  If you have been told that your baby is large, you will want to find out the facts. Some babies, like some people, are naturally large; some may need extra help. You can find the information you need to clarify your mind on your own situation by reading the evidence-based articles on this resource sheet if you are worried or if an intervention is suggested.

Breech Birth
It may be you have been told that you have no choice if your baby is in the breech position, but you do. The wonderful midwife Mary Cronk described a breech presentation as ‘unusual but normal’ which is a healthy way of looking at it. Wise words that are worth remembering. More and more hospitals have a designated breech team to support you in giving birth to your breech baby vaginally. You might need to change hospitals to find one. You need to know that there are many safe and effective ways to encourage a breech baby to turn. In order to make your choices, you need to be well informed. The old idea that a Caesarean Birth is the only option if your baby is breech is simply not true according to all the latest evidence and research. We have gathered together this simple list of useful and factual information to help you make an informed decision.
Gestational diabetes (GDM)
Michel Odent (2013) describes Gestational Diabetes as ‘a diagnosis looking for a disease’! Gestational Diabetes has long been the topic of discussion and controversy between evidence and practice and as noted by Odent, ‘It has the power to transform a happy pregnant woman into an anxious or depressed one’. It seems that more and more women are being frightened, particularly in late pregnancy, by being told they have Gestational Diabetes. Here are some excellent articles and resource to help in your decision making.
Group B strep
The information on this resource sheet enables you to decide whether to take the natural or the medicalised route if your waters break at the beginning of labour. You do have choices, both safe and viable. Do read about it now, as when you are already in early labour it’s not the best time to start researching your options. It is important to be well informed on Group B Strep and these articles help you to make an informed choice.
Home Birth
Folklore and social pressure will tell you that hospital is safe and home is dangerous as the place to give birth. This is a very important choice that can affect the course of your labour, and how your baby is born can have lifelong effects. Don’t make assumptions. Find out the facts so that you can make a well-informed choice. Evidence shows that, for a normal healthy woman, giving birth at home is often the safest and most satisfying option. Don’t believe us when we say that, but read the evidence and facts on this resource sheet so you can set emotion and assumptions aside and come to your own logical conclusion about your place of birth. Michel Odent says that, “The first intervention is leaving your own front door.”
IVF Birth

If your baby was conceived with the help of IVF or other form of assisted conception you will be treated as if you have a high risk pregnancy.  In fact, once your baby is conceived, your birth is the same as any other.  This resource sheet contains articles which normalise an IVF conception and answer questions you may have about the health and wellbeing of IVF births and babies.

Older Mothers
Women over 40 (or sometimes over 35) are often told that interventions are advisable when they give birth. These interventions, including early induction of labour, are significant. If you are told this, make sure you ask for the evidence to back it up. Here we give you the evidence on this important subject. Maybe you should not have been given the ‘high risk’ label after all. Please inform yourself about this by reading the information below before you make this significant choice.
Small baby (for gestational age)
If you have been told that your baby is small, you will want to find out the facts. Some babies, like some people, are naturally small; some may need extra help. You can find the information you need to clarify your mind on your own situation by reading the evidence-based articles on this information sheet if you are worried or if an intervention is suggested.
Ultrasound scans (USS)
Scans are considered to be a normal part of pregnancy and you may hardly be able to believe you are pregnant until you have seen an ultrasound image of your baby. As ultrasound is on the increase, it makes sense to be well informed. Here are some articles to help you make your choices.
Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)
With the increase in caesareans, there is also an increase in women planning a vaginal birth after a previous caesarean. Some hospitals play lip service to this; others actively support it. This resource sheet provides links to useful articles and Facebook groups for you if you are planning a Vaginal Birth After Caesarean.
Water Birth

If you have ever sunk into a warm bath with a sigh of relief you already understand how comforting giving birth in water can be.  Wherever you choose to give birth, waterbirth is widely available in the UK and more and more throughout the world. Warm water during labour helps you to relax and optimises the neuro hormonal response to birth – increasing oxytocin, reducing fear and tension and therefore promoting physiological birth. Labour is likely to be shorter, and you are less likely to tear. This resource sheet has links to articles to tell you all the facts about giving birth in water birth.)

If you are expecting twins (or even triplets) you will need to have time to read and absorb the facts about the different types of twin pregnancies. The articles in this resource sheet discuss key issues which parents of multiples may wish to consider. There are choices to be made, and you need the facts and evidence in order to make the best choices for you and your babies.)

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KGH Free Resources

Daily Positive Statement
Feel good and positive about your pregnancy every day with Katharine’s series of positive daily statements, to help you create a calming and positive frame of mind in the run up to having your baby.
Free Hypnobirthing Audio – The Magic Carpet Relaxation

Being in a relaxed and positive frame of mind is hugely beneficial for both you and your baby.  The Magic Carpet Audio will boost your confidence, help you relax and is one of the first steps on your journey to enjoying a calm and comfortable birth.

During a hypnobirthing course you will enjoy a number of other relaxation audios. Enjoy this free relaxation here – sit back, relax and enjoy!

Hypnobirthing Book – Free Download

The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves is your complete guide to childbirth making the birth of your child the most wonderful and uplifting experience of both your lives.

The book describes what happens to your body during pregnancy and childbirth, empowering you to listen to your body giving you the tools to help you to achieve a calm and confident birth. Enjoy the first chapter of The Hypnobirthing Book for free here.

Pregnancy Sickness Audio

Use this free relaxation to help you control your pregnancy sickness. This audio perfectly demonstrates the power of the mind and I do hope this helps relieve your sickness symptoms.”

Calm Pregnancy and Confident Birth Checklist
Your essential pregnancy and birth checklist. Download now and keep it close to hand. Everything you will need at your fingertips including your reading list, daily practice, go to resources and tips to help you feel calm and confident as you prepare to meet your baby.

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