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Charlotte Brown (read more)
Location: Bath
Phone: 07722619441
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My name is Charlotte Brown, a qualified and experienced nurse and midwife.  I became a Registered General Nurse in 1990.  This led me to further train and qualify as a Midwife - a job that I found very fulfilling. 

I worked in three leading hospitals - two of them in London - as well as benefiting from a years experience working in Australia.  Before relocating from London I was a Band 7 Sister Midwife at the prestigious and world famous Lindo Wing in St Marys' Hospital London.

I have helped many women through pregnancy and birth. My experience of childbirth is very diverse and includes home birth, water birth, breach and twin deliveries.

Having moved to Bath I then decided to train as a doula.  I undertook two courses - one with British Doulas and one with Doula UK.

After having several clients who had used hypnobirthing successfully, I decided to train with KG Hypnobirthing, achieving my Diploma.

Estelle Cole (read more)
Location: Somerset
Phone: 0793 8661 325
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I'm Estelle an experienced Hypnobirthing practitioner of over 7 years standing  and hypnotherapist of some 15 years.,  qualified and experienced in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnofertility Therapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, REIKI (master practitioner/teacher), Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Childbirth Education.

My simple aim for those who take my course is that they have the best "birth experience" possible on the day, be it the first time or the 3rd time - each time is special!


Hypnobirthing Somerset

All our teachers have been trained in KG Hypnobirthing and reached a level of skill and expertise we expect from our teachers.  Each teacher is given an assessment by us to ensure their suitability and professionalism.

All our teachers subscribe to our core ethics,  promoting good practice in the teaching and promotion of natural birthing techniques.  They also commit themselves to raising awareness of and knowledge about hypnobirthing and natural childbirth.  This is to help broaden general understanding and enable knowledge of its effectiveness to reach a wider audience, particularly expecting mothers.

The use of hypnobirthing as an effective method for giving birth is increasing as medical professionals and mothers are appreciating its benefits, not only for the mother but for the baby as well.

For more information on hypnobirthing, please visit our Home Page.


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