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Amanda Young – Mama Nova

Thornliebank, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Did you know that nature has this whole birth thing figured out and that you can tap into that amazing instinct with a bit of KGHypnobirthing know-how?! I am a registered midwife offering hypnobirthing services in and around Glasgow and I would love to provide you with the tools you need to be in control of your birth experience. It is possible to have a calm and joyful birth and the power women have within them to achieve that is amazing!


A big hello and congratulations on your pregnancy! I have a passion for helping women to realise their potential. All mothers have a natural inbuilt ability to birth their babies and I am keen to empower you to unlock this inner strength. I see too many women in pregnancy and labour who are afraid of the birth that awaits them and it is wrong for something so natural to cause such stress and anxiety. I want women to be excited to meet their unborn baby and I know that giving you the information you need to make choices and prepare will do just that. I am blown away by the power the mind has over the body and I want to share this power with you to show that if you can think it, you can do it. Giving birth calmly and confidently is no different to any other activity you have encountered in life. Having become a parent myself and working as a midwife I can relate to the uncertainty of what lies ahead, but also draw on my experiences to show that it can be done and it is done daily around the world because our bodies were designed to work with us not against us.

I am currently offering 1:1 courses online via zoom.  Get in touch for information and to check availability