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Olga Maksin – Olga Maksin, Birth Doula

Welcome to my page! I’m a certified birth & postpartum doula and a KGH hypnobirthing teacher. I would be delighted to help making your pregnancy and birth a gentler and a happier experience. 

I’m a mother of two kids both born in the SF Bay Area. Having had two pregnancies and very different labor experiences, I’ve became fascinated with the process of pregnancy and childbirth. I’m a certified birth and postpartum doula and have been attending births since early 2022. As a former KGH student myself, I’m very happy to be adding KGH Hypnobirth teaching to my offerings. I’m passionate supporting women during the unprecedented time of pregnancy and labour. I’m willing to share my knowledge and work together with my clients to help them achieve their perfect birth as they wish it to be.
In my “free” time, I’m a software tech lead with M.Sc in Computer sciences. I think my scientific background helps me learn and educate about birth as I’m always digging into available research, questioning the data and opening books when my clients present situations that are new to me. I love empowering families with evidence based info helping them make the best choices of their car.
Please drop me a line if you wish to learn more!

You were the reason I lasted that long and ended up having the experience we did. It wouldn’t be the same without You. Your presence, advice, support, personal care and communication with the hospital staff were above excellent. You brought with You not only tools and knowledge, but love and security. All felt deeply.” Ania, Los Gatos, CA.

“Olga always helped us whenever we felt overwhelmed or didn’t know what to do. She did extra research for us and provided multiple suggestions. She was very patient with us and took extra time to explain us our options, pros and cons of different options.” Narine, Mountain View, CA

I offer the full KGH Hypnobirthing course.

  • 4 weeks of ~2hours/week
  • Zoom or session held at my home or host home (additional fee may apply)
  • Private sessions at the moment (open to group session if arranged by the clients).

The course can be combined with the Birth Doula package, or can be taken independently.