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Zoe Pavlou – About Little Humans


Hi all, I fell in love with hypnobirthing while I was pregnant a couple of years ago. From a very young age I always remember hearing my mother saying that giving birth was the best experience of her life. I wanted to be able to have the same experience as my mum. However, I was afraid of birth, not for one particular reason but for many reasons: The fear of the unknown; The stuff I saw on TV; Some stories that people told me. So all I did was research (online/read books) and when I did the hospital tour at my local hospital in Greenwich – London someone who did the tour with me mentioned the word ‘hypnobirthing’. I wondered, what is hypnobirthing? Will I be hybnotised while giving birth? Little did I know that hypnobirthing would change my life. I did a course at 36 weeks and it changed my whole mindset. I got my partner involved as well, he was sceptical at the beginning but once he heard a few things about it and saw all the logic behind it he was impressed! What I love about hypnobirthing is that it truly makes you look forward to your birth – I couldn’t wait and it was truly the best experience.

I am so passionate about helping women and their birth partners to look forward to their births, let go of any fears and most important of all to be informed! That’s why I decided to become an accredited hypnobirthing teacher and by using my academic background to help empower parents to feel confident to be the best version of themselves.