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Laura Hyatt – Hyatt Hypnobirthing

111-75 Wendover Drive, Hamilton, L9C 2S7, Canada

I’m passionate about helping women have the best birthing experience possible by their informed choices.

Hi I’m Laura, proud to call Hamilton, Ontario my hometown-a steel town with a heart of gold.

Having served my community as a health care aid for two decades, my journey lead me through the compassionate doors of hospice and nursing home care. Here, I discovered a profound need for an empathetic guide during transitional times, offering both support and in-depth knowledge to navigate the challenges individuals and families face.

my exploration into hypnosis training provided me with a deeper understanding of the pivotal role a confident mindset plays in achieving positive outcomes. Guiding families toward their goals became my passion, prompting me to delve into transitional moments at the very beginnings of life.

Enter hypnobirthing. Everything fell into place. I found immense joy in assisting families in achieving the best possible beginnings with calm confidence. This journey has become my true calling, and I am excited to share my expertise for years to come with expectant parents who are eager to embark on this transformative experience.

Together, let’s create a birthing journey filled with calm confidence and the best possible beginnings.

“I recommend hypnobirthing to anyone who listens, it’s a truly wonderful experience!” KGH father

Complete 12 hour antenatal hypnobirthing course designed to relieve fear and anxiety during the birthing process.