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Karla Gallegos – Base – Karla Gallegos

So excited to be the first teacher from Costa Rica! Would love to connect and share the KGHypnobirthing journey with you!


I am Karla and I am a birth nerd :)

When I started taking perinatal courses, something clicked inside and I knew that pregnancy, labor and birth are the amazing subjects I want to keep learning on forever.

I am currently studying to become a Doula with CBI; and have also taken Pilates and Anti-Gravity trainings which I now focus on pregnant or postpartum people.

The human body amazes me, specially the human body through pregnancy and giving birth. To me, it is mind blowing how intelligent the body is and how it adapts to all the bodily changes needed to protect and nurture the new life developing in womb.

Pregnant and birthing people are total champions and it makes me feel very honored when I get invited to share with them the beautiful journey.

I am offering KGHypnobirthing one to one courses. Spanish or English, virtual or in person.

Group courses coming soon!