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Diana Garcia – Birth Ally Hypnobirthing

The Hague / Voorburg, South Holland 2274NR, Netherlands

Birth Ally Hypnobirthing is the result of a mother falling in love with birth. It’s the result of that mother following a calling. It’s the result of a hunger to learn and an even greater hunger to share all about the magnificence of birth. 

Birth Ally’s vision is a world where all women reclaim their births, and where all babies are borth with respect.

Birth Ally’s mission is to share knowledge and tools that help women discover the power and strength they already have.

Birth Ally’s commitment is to be a lifelong learner and to share information that empowers, while respecting women’s individual wants and needs.


Hello there! I’m Diana, a mother passionate about birth. My pregnancy and birth experience were life-changing. Discovering the significance of birth and the super powers of my own body led me to follow this calling. I want to help women have the best birth experience they can achieve. I want to help more babies be born with respect. 

Sharing knowledge that awakens insight and inspires self-trust is the type of work that ignites me. That’s why I absolutely love teaching KG Hypnobirthing. The look of surprise and discovery in future mums’ and dads’ faces, and their new-found self-confidence thanks to what they learn in the course fills me with joy.

I am an Ecuadorian who lives in the Netherlands. I have also lived for several years in the UK. I dream of working with parents in the Netherlands, in Ecuador and in all of Latin America, and improving how mothers approach and feel about their births and how babies are welcomed in this world, one birth at a time.

I teach one-to-one and groups, online and in person, in English and in Spanish. Please check out my website for more information.