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louise Oliver – The Peaceful Doula

❤️ I love watching the transition of people who take my hypnobirthing classes. Usually by the end of the first session the realisation that birth can be absolutely awesome is beginning to dawn – by the end of the course you will feel in control, knowledgable and empowered with all the information you need to make the right choices for you and the birth of your baby ❤️

I’m offering private classes in person classes. Please go to my website for more details. Louise OIiver | The Peaceful Doula


❤️  Hey there! My name is Louise, and I am a passionate doula and hypnobirthing coach living in Sandhurst with two of my three boys❤️

I believe that every family deserves personalized care during childbirth, which is why my hypnobirthing course is tailored to individual parents. I teach in London, Hampshire, Berksire and Surry, usually in the comfort of your own home.

Throughout the course, we will dive into the physiological aspects of birth, the role of hormones, and what happens to your body during labor. You’ll learn techniques to help you stay calm and relaxed, work seamlessly with your medical team, and understand what to expect during each stage of labor.

But that’s not all! We’ll also tackle any fears or concerns you may have about giving birth and explore relaxation techniques to ensure a comfortable experience for you. As your doula, my commitment is to make sure you have the best experience possible during this incredible journey. Head over to my website at to learn more about my services and how I can support you and your family

“I can not recommend Louise enough”

From our first conversation on the phone, when I was just trying to find out a little more information about hypnobirthing, I knew Louise was the right person for me & my fiancé..
We seemed to get on straight away & it just felt right, so I signed us up over the phone. Even though she was the first person I spoke to, I trusted in my gut & just went with it…

From then on I was so pleased about the decision I had made.
Me & my partner had many questions, as you can imagine being first time parents. Some not normally part of the course but Louise would always answer any of our questions.

By the end of the course as well as feeling very positive about going into our birthing experience using hypnobirthing, we both felt totally calm, knowledgeable and excited about everything else that comes with it!

We would truly recommend Louise from the bottom of our hearts and believe she will bring nothing but light & joy to this incredibly special time in your life. xxx

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