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Jenni Marshall – Birthing & Beyond with Jenni

My name is Jenni Marshall and I look forward to working with you to support you, and where applicable, your birth partner to feel calm, informed and in control during you pregnancy, labour and birth. I truly feel that labour and birth can be an enjoyable and wonderful experience for mother, birth partner and baby and I believe that Harmony Hypnobirthing can help to achieve this. Birthing your baby should be something you are excited for, and it really can be, through learning and practicing the techniques taught on this course. 


I am a passionate KGHypnobirthing Teacher and qualified Hypnotherapist based in Bristol. I chose to train as a Hypnobirthing Teacher as I always felt sad and really disappointed when I heard women describe their birth as ‘awful’, ‘traumatic’, ‘not enjoyable’ or that they felt out of control within their own experience because they didn’t what their options were. I truly believe that woman should and can experience a positive and empowering labour and birth and that this can be achieved with the help of the KGHypnobirthing, delivered by Harmony Hypnobirthing KGH. I have seen the incredible benefits that the KGH programme has on mothers, their labours, births and their baby’s.

I look forward to working with you through your pregnancy and birth journey.

Sophie, December 20:

Hypnobirthing with Jen gave me the knowledge about birth that I would have struggled to get elsewhere. It was delivered in a way that was easy and clear to understand and made me feel calm and most importantly made me feel like birth was something that I would be able to control. I felt excited for my birth experience after my sessions with Jen and that’s not something that you expect to feel about birth! My birth didn’t go to plan almost straight away but despite everything going on around me in the room, I remained in my calm state throughout birth and the midwives even commented on how much they were impressed with my breathing techniques! 

The affirmations not only helped before and during birth but also whilst being a new parent. I couldn’t recommend hypnobirthing with Jen enough.

Sabrina, July 2020

As a first time mum to be, I wanted to learn about birth whilst also having  an experience for me and my baby which would make me feel more confident and calm in such uncertain times.

Jenni introduced me to hypnobirthing and it has completely changed my pregnancy. Jenni was relatable and calming from the initial session and explained/engaged with me clearly and with clarity. Throughout the course Jenni not only listened to my concerns and hopes for my birth,  but guided me accordingly with KGH. 

This has not only taught me to look forward to the labour journey to meeting my baby, but also given me the tools I need for a hopefully calm and relaxing birth. Would highly recommend.

Roxanne, March 21:

Jenni has been an amazing support during my pregnancy, me and my partner have had a hard journey to get to our beautiful baby boy and Jen was with us every step of the way. She made sure that we both felt comfortable during each session and even after our sessions were complete she was on hand to answer more questions or give advice. Thank you.

Natalie, March 21:

Doing the hypnobirthing sessions with Jenni has helped to reduce pre-existing anxiety and fears we had around birth, as well as increasing our knowledge and confidence.

We did the hypnobirthing sessions together and as first time parents, going through pregnancy during the covid-19 pandemic has felt isolating at times but the sessions we had with Jenni were a great way to connect with our pregnancy, as well as to prompt conversations with each other about birth. Especially as Sam was not always allowed into antenatal appointments due to current restrictions, hypnobirthing ensured he has been involved throughout.

If we had not completed the hypnobirthing sessions I do feel my knowledge of birth would be vastly lacking, midwives simply do not have the time to go into detail about what you can expect from birth and books can only go so far. Having Jenni on hand to answer our questions and impart knowledge of the breathing and calming exercises has been essential to ensuring we do not feel fearful, instead we are excited to experience birth and meet our baby!

Steph, July 21:

Our hypnobirthing experience with Jenni was great and we much preferred it over other major antenatal courses. The content was very informative and covered a range of useful topics. Jenni was personable, putting us at ease from the offset and was very knowledgeable. We definitely learnt a lot from hypnobirthing and utilised what we had learned during our birth experience. We’d highly recommend hypnobirthing with Jenni! 

Virnilla, August 21

Jenni has been an amazing support during my pregnancy, she helped me understand the natural process and the importance of using the breathing techniques before and during labour. And boy what a beautiful birth I experienced! I was so aware, welcoming every wave and embracing it, knowing exactly what was going on with my body, confident and in control. I will be eternally thankful for her dedication and patience. Thank you Jenni