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Laura Davies – Care for Mum

55 Sandington Drive Cuddington, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 2ZA, England

Manchester , England

I set up Care for Mum because I believe that healthy babies need and deserve healthy mums.  I am passionate about supporting mums and dads before, during and after birth.

I offer KGHypnobirthing courses in group and private settings in Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

I can’t wait to be a part of your Journey to meeting your new baby.


My name is Laura and I’m a mum to a very energetic little boy.  Originally from Glasgow, I now live in Cuddington with my husband and son.

After my own birth I decided I wanted to become a birth worker to advocate for mothers and help them to have the best birth experience possible.

Unfortunately I didn’t know much about hypnobirthing until after my own birth experience.  I fully believe my son’s birth would have been a positive and happy experience if I had been a hypnobirthing mum rather than a traumatic one.

Now I am extremely happy and proud to call this my job and I can’t wait to support lots of future mums in having a calm, positive and happy birth.

I currently offer 4 courses:-

  • Group hypnobirthing courses
  • Private hypnobirthing courses
  • I am an affilliate for the KGH online hypnobirthing course
  • Care for Dad – an add on or stand-alone mini courses for dads to be