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Hannah James – Sure Birthing

Derbyshire, England

Yorkshire South, England

Hi I’m Hannah

I qualified as a KG Hypnobirthing teacher following the birth of my son.

I am based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and offer courses in this region and online.

My mission is to ensure that you will feel informed, prepared, calm, confident and empowered to have the birth experience that is right for you. 

I have personal experience of pregnancy, labour and childbirth. Therefore, I can relate to women who are going (and due to go) through each of these experiences. I used breathing techniques throughout labour and birth and have first-hand experience of how powerful that can be. I was very much aware of and in tune with my body and followed it instinctively. I felt very pleased with my birth experience and wanted to know more about hypnobirthing which led me to KG Hypnobirthing and the teacher training course.

I have learnt an unbelievable amount of information and insight in to our current birthing system which I was totally blind to. I have first-hand experience of giving birth in a medicalised setting (in our current birthing system) and since learning more from KG Hypnoirthing I realise that I was not being fully supported to have a physiological birth.

I had only briefly read about breathing techniques during pregnancy but never did a formal hypnobirthing course and so was not in a position where I was aware of my choices, aware that I even had choices, or aware of ensuring that I knew all the information before consenting to procedures. We learn a lot about the power of language.

After experiencing what I believed to be a positive birth story, I wanted to help others achieve that. Having learnt what I now know, I feel even more determined and empowered to instil confidence and empower Mum’s to be (by teaching KG Hypnobirthing) so they can have THE best birth experience possible and come out the other side of birth truly feeling at peace with how it went. To do this, I believe every expectant Mum needs to be taught KG Hypnobirthing!

To see how far birthing has empowered me. I want to be part of the birth revolution and help change it!

If you asked me one year ago what I feared most in the world, I would have said giving birth. Thanks to Hannah, that’s been completely turned around and now I can’t wait for my own empowered birth experience. The most eye-opening thing for me was understanding that I was able to make informed choices that were best for myself and my baby, rather than blindly follow what I was told.

– Manuela B.

All courses comprise of a full 12-hour multifaceted antenatal education programme to prepare you for birth. I offer both private and group courses to suit your needs, so whether you prefer the privacy of a 1:1 course or the support of a group course I have it all covered!

1:1 courses: Prices start at £350 

Group courses: £250 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more and to book on to a course.