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Lizzie – Blossoming Rose

Derbyshire NG9 8HZ, England

Nottinghamshire, England

My name is Lizzie, I am a hypnobirthing instructor and practitioner of the Birthing Awareness 3 Step Process. I also work part-time as a midwife and am currently on maternity leave with my first baby!


I want to work with those who feel they need more time and information that they are currently receiving elsewhere. I have family all over the world so look forward to teaching pregnant and birthing women, couples and families from afar too!

I trained in and used hypnobirthing during my first pregnancy last year so have very up to date experience in the process as well as in the current “system” that we have available to us here in England.

“Genuinely can’t thank you enough! Even [my husband] said I’ve been a lot more calm etc since starting hypnobirthing. It’s definitely helped so far!” A mum.


In-person or via Google meet individual courses also available – get in touch to discuss options and I will work with you to meet your own needs.