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Beth Salisbury – Midwife Beth

Colyton, Devon EX24 6PU, England

Congratulations on your exciting new journey with Hypnobirthing..

I am a qualified KGHypnobirthing teacher and midwife offering classes from the comfort of your own home. 


I trained with KG Hypnobirthing in February 2018. My interest sparked when I provided care for a woman, during my midwifery training, who was birthing using the KGH techniques. I then completed my KGH training to become a teacher myself.

I then qualified as a midwife in September 2018 and have since supported many women giving birth using hypnobirthing techniques. I am excited to hear from you!

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Alice and Alex July- 2019

‘As first time parents the whole idea of labour and giving birth can be quite overwhelming and daunting but Beth’s classes completely changed our approach to the whole experience! 
She taught me how to approach childbirth in a calm, confident, positive way and to have complete trust that my body is designed to give birth safely and naturally. 
Beth is also an experienced midwife which really helped during our classes as we had lots of questions about anything and everything childbirth related!
Our baby boy decided to arrive 5 weeks early making a pretty speedy arrival! He then went into intensive care for a few days for a little bit of TLC. So many people said to me afterwards how calm me and my husband stayed throughout the whole process. This is purely down to Beth and the techniques she taught us. 
During labour I used all of the Hypnobirthing techniques Beth taught me. My husband also stayed calm and positive throughout. I didn’t need pain relief and more importantly I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and wouldn’t be scared or worried to do to again! It really is amazing what our bodies can do! 
Beth is truly wonderful and is clearly extremely passionate about Hynobirthing! We will be forever grateful for everything she taught us.’

Victoria and Jack- May 2020

Beth is a friendly and very professional midwife who helped me to learn the diferents techniques of hypnobirthing.  I would love to say every single advice she gave me was very useful and during my Labour it helps me a lot. she reminded me how strong I am and enjoy every single minute during the Labour.. I will recommend to take this course if you want to have control and feel secure during your labour.

Zoe and Sam- March 2021

It’s taken a long time for me to write a review for Beth, purely because it is very hard to put my fantastic experience into words. I have known Beth since I was a little girl and have always talked to her during her hair appointments with me about her job as a midwife and Hypnobirthing. With our chats and my cousins recommendation to check out hypnobirthing, it only seamed natural that we book a course with Beth. Firstly, I was very lucky and managed to have face to face sessions during the million lockdowns. Beth really knows her stuff, it’s really amazing that as well as the hypnobirthing she is also a midwife as my partner was able to ask her so many questions about birth. Beth was extremely professional as not being my personal midwife there are boundaries but my partner was not allowed to attend any of my appointments due to covid so the information Beth gave us was worth the money in itself. I’m not going to share too much about the hypnobirthing just because I feel like each couple/mother to be will have a completely unique wonderful experience. I found hypnobirthing very moving and very personal if that makes sense. What I will say about it is that I am still using the techniques 4 months into motherhood. The skills you learn are skills for life. My labour did not go as planned as I had hoped BUT I had a really open mind and had a positive birth all the same. I’m so proud to be able to say I dealt with 3 days of early labour contractions and managed to get to 5cms at home by myself just with my partners support and my hypnobirthing breathing. Once in hospital I continued to birth in the pool with gas and air but even with that I was still doing the breathing. I reached 10cms with up breathing and gas and air. I’ll wrap this up now as I’ve written an essay but this was one of the most amazing experiences. Beth even checks in on me now which really means a lot as mothering during covid is extremely isolating. Thanks so much Beth for teaching me some invaluable life skills, can’t wait to see you. X

Alice and Jonny- August 2021

We found our Hypnobirthing experience with Beth extremely useful. Beth’s passion and knowledge is what made the course so much easier to absorb. When it came to the birth of my baby boy the techniques Beth trained me on were second nature, allowing me to have a positive birthing experience. The course covered so much information which we found so helpful when it came to being in labour as some of these things did come up whilst I was in labour, but because we knew all about them we managed to stay calm and positive. We would highly recommend the Hypnobirthing course with Beth, both the course and Beth are amazing

Kirsty and Adriano- October 2021

Overall I thought the course was great. For me I needed those questions answering, knowing Beth Is a midwife provided me with extra security I needed. This tied in so well with the techniques shown. I had quite a long traumatic birth however I was able to still use the breathing techniques, even in theatre.

Highly recommend hypnobirthing, even when/ If your birth doesn’t go to how you planned it. Sarah and Leo- November 2022I cannot recommend Beth and her hypnobirthing course highly enough. I wanted to complete the course to lower my anxieties surrounding birth along with being able to stay calm throughout my labour and although I ended up having a c section thats exactly what I acheived. We also found that due to Beth also being a qualified midwife we were able to ask all sorts of other questions and both myself and my husband learnt so much.

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