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Emily Soundy –

Exeter, Devon , England

Welcome to the start of your KG Hypnobirthing journey!

As a practising midwife, I have seen an increase in fear and anxiety surrounding pregnancy and birth with so many people feeling disappointed, saddened and sometimes traumatised by their experience.

But I truly believe that pregnancy and birth can be the most empowering, life-giving and joyful time for every single birthing person, regardless of what their unique journey looks like and I know that hypnobirthing really does make a difference.

Whether this is your first baby or your 7th, KGH will equip and support you in building confidence and empower you to approach your birthing experience with knowledge, calm and excitement.

I look forward to meeting you!


I have been practising as a midwife for 7 years and have worked in all different areas of maternity. I am now based with the homebirth team in Exeter and have found a renewed love and admiration for pregnancy and birth.

Having previously been sceptical around the effectiveness of hypnobirthing, I witnessed first hand the incredible impact that it had on so many people that I was caring for- from those having a planned homebirth to those journeying through an emergency caesarean. I couldn’t deny its’ power anymore so snatched up the opportunity to be trained as a KGH teacher.

I live in Devon with my husband, our bouncy Labrador Nico and our loyal cat, Boaz.