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Libby Clapham – Good Birth Class

Massage and Wellbeing, Exeter, Devon EX4 3LS, England

I love the way Hypnobirthing helps you get in touch with that deep instinctive part of you that “knows” how to birth your baby so that by listening to your body you can help it to work as well as it can.  And the amazing thing is that when you can do this, bringing your baby into the world becomes the lovely experience it can and should be – even when your body needs a little help.

It was my daughter’s first labour, which was long and difficult and ended in a caesarian section, which pushed me to explore hypno-birthing.  My daughter came on one of my courses for her second baby and went on to have a lovely, calm home birth.  When I taught antenatal classes for NCT I always felt there was something missing – hypno-birthing supplies that something.


I am passionate about helping you to have the best birth possible and I bring to the classes a long and wide experience in the world of pregnancy and birth.

Before training as a KG Hypnobirthing teacher with Katharine herself I was already a fully qualified, registered and practising hypnotherapist.  I chose her method because it stood out from all the others.

After giving birth to my first child I trained as an antenatal teacher and taught for the National Childbirth Trust for seven years before qualifying as a professional registered homeopath. As a homeopath I’ve attended a number of births over the years, at home, in hospital, in and out of water as well as giving birth to my own two children.  I was also commissioned to write a distance learning course on using Homeopathy during pregnancy and labour.

So as you can see I have a wealth of knowledge and experience of birth both as a hypnotherapist, through my work as a homeopath and as a teacher and mother in my own right and I bring all this to my classes.

I like to make my classes fun and informative as well as giving you all the tools you need to give birth with confidence, calmly and comfortably.

We had the perfect birth at home in the pool. The hypnobirthing was truly brilliant and M was amazing the way she did the breathing and visualisations.

Thank you v v v much for you help, it was invaluable.

Love and best wishes from us 3 xx  DH

Hypnobirthing definitely gave me the knowledge I needed to really stay positive and know what was happening and why. It was so empowering!  This experience has totally rewritten my experience of birth and made it positive in every possible way. HB

Cost: £250 per mother (partner free) or £399 for private classes.  Early bird discounts available on most classes. A payment plan to spread the cost is available for those on low income – please ask for details.

Private sessions by arrangement

Refresher classes available.

Classes:  Taught over two Sundays usually two weeks apart.

For class dates please see my website above or contact me on 07986 157854