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Nicky Flynn – Devonhypnobirthing

I am convinced that hypnobirthing enables every woman, her partner and their baby have a better birth experience.

Hypnobirthing is an enlightening program which symplifies birth and makes it a joyful and positive experience for all concerned.

I teach classes and individual couples.  Please eamil or call me for more information.


Hi, I’m Nicky.  I am a midwife and I have been teaching hypnobirthing since 2008.

My hypnobirthing inspiration came when I was a midwife looking after women who were using hypnobirthing.  Their births were so calm that I felt I had to find out more. I have now taught the program to many couples and also been priviledged enough to be present when their gorgeous babies came peacefully into the world. I am lucky to have seen hypnobirthing in action and I know it makes a difference. 

Please take a look at my website

feel free to email or call me to find out more information about this fabulous program.

I have to say that the HypnoBirth was an amazing experience, and being able to relax and enjoy my labour (she says, in retrospect!) was amazing. (Steph, first time mum, homebirth in water)

So thank you for a great hypnobirthing course – it definitely helped keep me relaxed and calm throughout the pregnancy and labour.  Daisy is a very happy good-natured baby which I’m sure is partly due to the calm relaxation I did during pregnancy! (Claire first time mum, hospital birth) 

I was also thrilled to be told that I hadn’t torn during the birth, which I’m certain is down to a combination of perennial massage and the breathing the baby out technique! Jack was so content after such a gentle birth and I was over the moon to have achieved a drug free birth at home using all the techniques that I have leaned over the last few months.  (Emma second time mum, home birth)