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Emma Bryant – EB Fitness & Well-being

12 Tarrant Rushton, Blandford, Dorset DT11 8SD, England

EB Fitness & Well-being offers:

  • KG Hypnobirthing Antenatal Courses (Group or Privately)
  • Activmama Mum & Baby Fitness Classes
  • Pre & Postnatal Personal Training
  • Breastfeeding Peer Support

Check out my website to see everything EB Fitness & well-being can offer.


My name is Emma. I am a KG hypnobirthing teacher, breastfeeding peer supporter and a pre & postnatal personal trainer. Living in the beautiful Tarrant Valley in Dorset I am raising my 2 lovely daughters.

I used hypnobirthing for both my births in two very contrasting scenarios. I had pre eclampsia with my first daughter so had a very medicalised induction. With my second I had a homebirth. 

In both these situations hypnobirthing helped enormously. I remained calm, relaxed and in control. I found the sensations powerful but not painful. To me giving birth is the most empowering and wonderful experience I have ever had.

I decided to train as a KG Hypnobirthing teacher as I feel every mother deserves a positive birth experience whatever birth journey she is given.

KG is a fantastic course with just the right balance of science and hypnobirthing technique. You will come away feeling prepared, knowledgable and excited for your birth. With practice you and your partner can experience this life changing event with confidence and control.

I am also a trained breastfeeding supporter and hope that this will allow me to help new mums in those crucial early days. 

Check out my website to see everything EB Fitness & well-being can offer.

Please see my website for up-coming courses.