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Jenna Harper – North Park Hypnotherapy

Pither’s Yard Natural Health Clinic High Street, Castle Cary, Dorset BA7 7AN, England

Somerset, England

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome. My name is Jenna I am a professional hypnotherapist offering courses online and in somerset.  I had my third child using hypnobirthing and honestly cannot believe how well it worked for me. I had two previous births that went well, in a birth pool with just gas and air, my first being very long but my second being more intense but quick. Both experiences were ok but every time I didnt feel in control I was petrified of the pain and the thought of any medical intervention terrified me. I was seriously more worried the third time around and just wanted a different experience this time and anything to help with the pain was a bonus. I got so much more out of this than I thought and I could not believe how unprepared I was  – I knew nothing and this was my third baby! I gave birth in a pool in hospital and apart from having to tell everyone that I was further along than they thought it went so much more smoother, it was easier and far more comfortable than I ever thought possible. My partner was amazing I felt so supported. I was more confident and felt more in control. I was so focused I didnt even think about anything else. My whole experience was more than I ever thought it would be and I am so happy I decided to do hypnobirthing. So now I want to support others feeling the same as I did to have the experience they want rather than just hoping for the best. So whether this is your first, second or fifth baby and you want more from your experience I would love to support you to achieve this and have the best birth possible. My courses are for anyone who wants to be calm and confident during their birth, feeling supported and ready. Get in touch I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.  


Hello 👋  I’m Jenna a Hypnotherapist in Somerset. I work with clients for so many reasons and know how amazing using hypnotherapy can be and the results you can achieve. Hypnobirthing for me is the chance to feel in control and calm during birth. This course allows you to fully educate yourself so there is no unknowns, taking away the fears and worries so you can focus on what you need to and fully enjoy the moment when you meet your little one. I would love to support you and give you all the tools you need to feel confident, informed, relaxed and ready. I understand how important this is as a mummy to three and I’m so thankful for my own experience with my third. I always try my best to accomodate everyone’s specific circumstances and the reasons for why you want to try hypnobirthing and as a trained hypnotherapist can offer more support if needed for morning sickness, confidence and change, emotional wellbeing, breech babies and previous birth experiences that have left you feeling more concerned this time around. So get in touch I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.