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Helen Bucher – Lifebreath

23 Glyne Ascent, Bexhill on sea, East Sussex TN402NX, England

I truly believe all women can have a positive birthing experience and feel it is a shame that many women miss out on what a wonderful, positive, enjoyable and empowering time this can be. This can be due to many reasons. A lack of informed knowledge, preconceived ideas formed by media and the experience of others or a previous birth experience are a few . It is my passion, using the KG Hypnobirting method,to help couples to feel informed, empowered and therefore relaxed,confident and prepared so that they can enjoy this special time.


I’m Helen, founder of Lifebreath, offering Hypnobirthing and Breathwork courses one to one and group sessions, in person and online.

Teaching Hypnobirthing allows me to bring my experience as a mum, granny, former teacher and breathwork instructor together to empower parents with the knowledge, confidence and tools they need for a positive pregnancy and birth experience.

Whether you are first time parents, or you are looking for some extra knowledge and skills after a previous birth experience, I am confident that whatever your needs I can offer you support and help you to achieve the pregnancy and birth you choose. 

It is so important that you feel calm, supported, informed and happy at such a special and important time and therefore, throughout the course and beyond I am always available for advice or support when you need it :)