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Sofie Rutherford – Brighton and Hove Hypnobirthing

Hello I’m Sofie and I offer group hypnobirthing courses, private 121s and relaxation sessions in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding area. Please see my website for more details.


My background is as a CIPD and NLP qualified personal development trainer, which I have been doing for the last 20 years. 

Many of the techniques I use to help people become more confident are the same as those I use as a Hypnobirthing teacher; breathing, visualisations, positive affirmations, relaxation techniques and many more. Giving birth without fear is about re-training your mind to think positively about it. On my KG Hypnobirthing course you will learn skills to support you during your labour and birth and your understanding and practice of these techniques will also be invaluable tools in many other areas of your life.

I used these techniques to birth my own children and I can honestly say that each of their births were the most empowering moments of my life.

I believe every expectant mother should give herself the gift of knowing that this is possible for her too.

Labour was a genuinely amazing and wonderful experience and I have NO DOUBT it wouldn’t have been so great without all of Sofie’s wisdom and positivity that she passed onto us during our pregnancy.
I went in 100% relaxed, without a shadow of fear or trepidation. I was able to relax and enjoy the miracle of what my body was doing. 
‘All in all, an INCREDIBLE experience which would never have been so incredible without Sofie.
Sofie has an amazing gift in what she does – she is so empowering and honest, it was the best drug I could have been armed with.’ Chloe and Chris

I provide group and private 121 courses in my home in Hove. Please see my website for more details.