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Nicole Lawal – Hydrate and Bloom

Welcome and Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

I’m Nicole, Experienced registered Midwife (10 years +) and the founder and facilitator of Hydrate and Bloom – A safe space for Mums and Mums- to- be to gain important information, feel empowered and to be themselves without judgement.

I began my midwifery journey in the NHS and then in 2017, my husband and I decided to emigrate to New Zealand with our 3 Children (we now have 4 😊!). It was an amazing experience for all of us, but Personally – I was able to practice midwifery in a truly Amazing, holistic way as an independent Midwife. That experience enabled me to foster deep meaningful connections with families in my care and expanded my knowledge tenfold.

I am passionate about connecting with parents on a personal level and helping them achieve a positive birth experience – it really aligns with me – birthwork is in my DNA.

I’ve supported many women who have used hypnobirthing with both vaginal and abdominal births and I have always been in awe at how calm and in control they have been.

This is why I chose to become a Hypnobirthing teacher on my return to the UK in 2020; to continue connecting, educating and supporting in a way that I can’t do within the NHS. Individualised, evidenced based & not routine.


I believe in women and our innate ability to give birth as nature intended first and foremost. I also know that sometimes, things do not go as we want or intended, which is all covered in my course.

Being informed (intuitively or externally), having your decisions respected, knowing your options and understanding that the choice is always YOURS to make is key to having a positive birth experience. I

‘Nicole is friendly and passionate, she made me feel at ease and it felt like I was being taught by a friend’ – Toni & Carl

‘I was so anxious before the course, but now i feel so ready and excited to meet my baby’ Natalie & Ola 

I run weekly group classes – every Tuesday 7 – 10pm online via Zoom

Next group Class begins  July 5th 

1:1 Classes are either online or face to face if you live within Thurrock or the surrounding Dartford Area.

Please visit my website or email me 

 for more details