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Abby Kreibich – Honest Hypnobirthing

Winchester, Hampshire , England

Wiltshire , England

I’m Abby, the founder of Honest Hypnobirthing, mum of two wonderful children, and a qualified KGHypnobirthing teacher.  I am based between Winchester and Andover and cover Hampshire & Wiltshire. 


I’m Abby, the founder of Honest Hypnobirthing, mum of two wonderful children, and a qualified KGHypnobirthing teacher.  

I live in a small village in Hampshire with my family, we spend our time exploring the outdoors and seeing family and friends.

When pregnant with my first child I did hypnobirthing with my mother (a trained hypnobirthing specialist and midwife of 30 years). This launched me into the wonderful world of empowered, informed and better births.

Through my pregnancy and birth I was able to benefit from the practice and decided to train in this incredible profession to share the benefits of hypnobirthing with other women. 

I am now KGHypnobirthing qualified and used this method for my second pregnancy and birth to great success. 

I am in a privileged position to be able to share this wonderful practice with other expectant mothers, to show them that they can have a profound impact on the outcome of their baby’s birth. No matter what your birth looks like hypnobirthing can help you, and your baby. I look forward to telling you more about it all!

I cover both Hampshire & Wiltshire and am based in between Winchester and Andover. 

Full Hypnobirthing Course:

Sessions that will equip you with the knowledge, techniques and practice you need to have the birth you want, whatever that looks like for you.

Sessions can be completed in person in the comfort of your own home*, online, or you can come to me. The course will run across four sessions and these can be structured to suit you and your schedule (evenings & weekends). 

Refresher Sessions:

These sessions are tailored for couples and mums who have previously completed a hypnobirthing course, and would like to refresh themselves on the practice and education they discovered last time.

The session will involve hypnobirthing techniques, relaxations and a reminder of the key points you need to employ to have the birth you want.

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