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Hannah Kluman – Hannah Kluman Yoga Birth

Having worked with hundreds of women as they transition through to motherhood, it brings me so much joy to be of support during this monumental time. I have always been fascinated by birth, the female anatomy, women’s hormones and the miraculous changes the body undergoes to grow, nourish and bring life into this world. Since having a child myself, I also feel passionately about supporting mothers as they navigate through the postnatal period, rediscovering who they are as a Mother after birthing their own family.

My work and aim is to help unveil the innate wisdom that lies deep within you and to provide you with as many tools and practices to really support you – from education, to movement, to breath work, to mindset, to the biomechanics of your pelvis. All are designed to give you confidence and to empower you to have a positive birth experience, no matter how your baby is born.