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Karen Taylor – Hypno-Baby

Francklyn Gardens , Edgeware, Hertfordshire HA8 8SB, England

The birth of a baby and the first years of life are an extraordinary time for both parents and children and set the stage for the years that follow.

With hypnobirthing training and my complimentary therapies I strive to help parents get the full enjoyment out of this experience.

Areas where I teach: NW London and Hertfordshire


Hi, I am Karen.

I come from Scotland where I began practicing as a midwife 33 year ago. I am passionate about preparing women for a positive birth experience and supporting them through the post-natal period. For this reason, I teach hypnobirthing and also offer a range of complementary therapies.

To read more, why don’t you go to my “About me” page at Hypno-Baby.co.uk   

“Hypnobirthing absolutely empowers women before, during, and after labour. Help us to regain control of what should always be our right: the miracle of giving birth. My husband and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this amazing time with Karen, who even made me almost fall asleep during a meditation (on a day that I was absolutely stressed).Thank you Karen for helping us to deliver our super cute son.”


“Karen’s relaxation was amazing she has a very calm and soothing voice.”


For more details on any of my courses, please visit Hypno-Baby.co.uk.

Group classes

I offer group classes for a maximum of four couples at one of the participant’s homes.

Private classes

Private classes are held in the comfort of your own home.

Refresher Courses

For those of you who have already done a hypnobirthing course and now need a refresher.

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