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Louise Hutchings – Louise Hutchings

Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire HP4 3LX, England

I am a pregnancy antenatal yoga teacher and discovered Hypnobirthing through my pregnancy yoga students .

After doing some research and reading about Hypnobirthing. I found the KG Hypnobirthing book by Katharine Graves which inspired me to train with KG Hypnobirthing,

I find teaching KG Hypnobirthing very rewarding to teach to parents. It is a complete comprehensive birthing course for all births. It  gives parents the tools to have a calm and gentle birth. Every birth is different and hypnobirthing prepares the mother to be able to understantd how her body and mind works by releasing fears and negativity and replacing them with confidence and trust. Parents can look forward to their baby’s arrival, allowing the natural process of birth to work for them .

Hypnobirthing makes a positive difference to Fathers/partners as they feel informed as how to support their partners.

I have been teaching yoga for over twenty years and pregnancy Yoga for Ten years. I teach classes in my local community of Berkhamsted and have really enjoyed adding Hypnobirthing to my teaching.

I am married with two grown up children .

BWY dip, NVQ3, YFHFcert, Sitaram pregnancy yoga, Birthlight post natal yoga. KG Hypnobirthing teacher.

Louise also teaches hypnobirthing (which she brings into the yoga classes but we also did a separate course with her too) & I can’t recommend it highly enough. After a fairly traumatic first birth (which included 2 epidurals, a spinal block and forceps) I thought I’d try hypnobirthing. I had a totally natural & importantly a much more enjoyable second birth for which I am very grateful to Louise & her coaching. Getting the mind in the right place for birth is so important. I wish I’d done it first time around too!

Amanda Stafford

Thank you so much for all your guidance over these last few months. The practice made such a difference to making my labour more manageable.

Emily Rollings

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