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Sue Wayne – Karuna Aspire – The birthing edition

The Thatched Cottage Parrotts Lane, Buckland Common, Hertfordshire HP23 6NX, England

Hello, I would love to help you with your birthing journey. I have been a practising therapeutic hypnotherapist for around 8 years, was a qualified general nurse for many years and am a mum to 4 grown up children!


For many years I’ve had a keen interest in women’s health and the birthing process and following eight years practicing general therapeutic hypnotherapy, I decided to expand my practice to encompass the wonderful world of hypnobirthing with the completion of my KGH diploma. I’m passionate about helping people to live their lives happily and to achieve their goals, from support with weight management, overcoming phobias to helping create a calm and enjoyable birthing experience. As a mother of four, a trained nurse and having worked for the Stroke Association for almost 20 years, caring for others really has be at the forefront of my everyday life. Hypnobirthing sessions are held on a 1:1 basis with couples/single mums, at my home, yours or as a small group at a local venue to ensure a warm and relaxing environment of your choice. Contact me to find out how you can achieve your best possible birthing experience through KGHypnobirthing.

My qualifications: KGH Diploma Various hypnotherapy, mentoring and weight management diplomas

Please contact me for more details.