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Gabrielle Nicholls –

above Matthew Cross hairdressers , Sevenoaks, Kent Tn13 1AH, England

I am a qualified hypnotherapist working in the Kent area, with a special interest in Hypnobirthing, due to my previous experience as a midwife.  


As a clinical hypnotherapist and having previously practiced as a midwife, I wanted to continue to support families through their child birthing experience. With my calm, nurturing approach to child birth, I can give you tools to enable you to have a calm, comfortable and confident birth experience. 

I run private, group and online courses tailored to your needs that can be arranged at a time and place that is convenient for you.  Courses run in two ways, these are: 4 evening sessions 2 days  Course timings and days can be structured to meet your individual requirements.