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Julie Karen Scholes – Julie Scholes Therapies


I have been a midwife for 26 years and respect the entire process of birth absolutely. I have helped at the birth of many hundreds of babies in many settings. The mind is the most powerful organ in the body and by easing the way for a peaceful mind, Hypnobirthing will allow women to have a positive birthing experience. 

Through listening to all the mothers I have met I have found that around the time of childbirth women often seek therapies and techniques that will help them to remain calm and focussed during pregnancy and birth. I believe that Hypnobirthing is the most powerful technique that a woman can learn.

.”Just wanted to say thanks so much, we found the whole day very beneficial. It has definitely helped ease my fears and prepare me for whats to come. Great venue, great delivery and enjoyed it being a whole day with another couple.

Thanks again Sara and Stewart ” 

As a Hypnobirthing mother of 2 wonderful babies, now 8 and 5, I can speak from the heart and share what an empowering, life changing experience Hypnobirthing was.  It enabled me to have two fantastic births, bringing my husband and I closer together and making the bond between us and our babies immeasurable.  You get more of what you focus on, and by putting in the practice, you can have an amazing birth experience.  –  Lisa

Both my babies were hypnobirthed, in a pool, and the greatest experience ever. They came into the world in the sweetest and most natural way. – Paige

I began with minor surges on the Monday and they came every 5 mins. They weren’t strong so I could continue with my daily activities. By the evening on the Tuesday they began to intensify and it was like something switched in my head. Suddenly, everything I had been practicing came into play. With each breath in I imagined breathing in the word relax and then when breathing out I imagined blowing a bubble up containing the word tension. I literally did this for every surge. Thanks to the relaxation exercises I could completely relax my body during each surge

The whole time I was in the water I constantly had all of the positive affirmations running thigh my head and we had our birthing play list on. It was the most empowering and incredible experiences of my life. The moment I saw my daughter for the first time took my breath away. she was perfect.

So many people told me I wouldn’t remember any of it when I was in labour and laughed when I told them what I was doing. I’m so proud now when I tell people my positive story. Child birth is amazing and natural and should not be feared. I can’t wait to do it again. good luck to you all on this amazing journey –  from Natalie and Baby Erin

I  teach one to one in your own home over three sessions, these classes are arranged between us to suit your personal schedule. If you only have time for one session and just want the basics, this can be arranged, although a course is far more beneficial. Cost depends on mileage from my home, but will be about £180 including all learning materials, book, CD’s etc

My groups are small, 6 couples or less, and usually run over a full day. The cost of these groups is £150 including all learning materials.

To book a place phone or text me on 07790 759 528  or visit my facebook page on 

Classes for 2016 are to be held at

Cleveleys Childrens Centre,
West Drive West,




All these are full days, on Saturdays.

April 2nd 2016

June 18th 2016

August 6th 2016

Cost of the class is £150 to include book, CD, and a file of literature for practices.

Please telephone me to book a place or send a message to my facebook page