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Kati Edwards – Birth You In Love

Four Chimneys 1 Coulthurst Street, Ramsbottom, Lancashire BL0 9ET, England

Manchester, England

I‘m a KGHypnobirthing Teacher Trainer and a Doula UK recognised Birth Doula based in the beautiful Northern Town of Ramsbottom, Manchester.

Teaching first time mums to have a great birth experience or mums-to-be who have previously had a traumatic birth experience has to be one of the most amazing vocations. The course enables people to start parenthood feeling strong so they can bond together right from the start and that cannot be undervalued. 

I’m also a Hypnobirthing Mum having used the techniques to give birth to my two daughters Matilda and Seraphina in 2011 and 2015 and I was blown away by how different birth can be from that I had seen on film or TV. To balance this, I allowed the birth of my second child to feature on the groundbreaking BBC1 birth education documentary ‘Childbirth All Or Nothing’ still available on You Tube. 

Before I was a birth worker, I worked as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist in the NHS for 8 years working with psychological techniques for anxiety and pain management so teaching KG Hypnobirthing seemed like a lateral sidestep. I’ve featured on BBC Five Live as well as BBC Family Education discussing how women can have better birth experiences after trauma.

I usually have two kinds of clients: first time mums wanting to know how they can enable the safe arrival of their little one and those who have had previous birth experiences  but this time want to go about things very differently.

Many of my clients say they use the skills they learnt are invaluable in parenting too. 


I’m based in the gorgeous northern town of Ramsbottom, I’m a Doula UK Recognised Birth Doula  and the Northern Teacher Trainer for KG Hypnobirthing. My clients live throughout Manchester, parts of Lancashire and Cheshire and further afield via skype or zoom.

Meeting your baby for the very first time has the power to be one of the most magical and transformative events in your life. Setting up your birth so that you feel love and calmness helps the birth hormones flow effectively. Your body takes over and you can tap into your instincts that know how to birth a baby. That is what I can help you with.

In general, people know so little about birth and I am on a mission to change that!

I leave no stone unturned so you’ll know everything you need to know to have the best experience possible. If you have a birth partner (which, these days, is usually but not always dad), I have a strong emphasis on teaching them what to do so they are not just a spare part. They will know what best to do to help you faciliate your baby’s birth in the best way.

This helps you all bond together and start parenthood feeling strong.

Please get in touch. In the first instance, we can chat to see what it is you are looking for and what I can do to help you achieve that and we go from there.

Sending you Love,

Kati x

“We became pregnant with our first child and at our first appointment with the midwives felt a bit clueless and unprepared. The first questions we were asked were where and how did we want to have our baby. We were slightly in shock because we didn’t think we’d have to think too much about the birth at this stage. After much google searching and panic, we contacted Kati. Kati sent us some information and we felt an instant connection with the positive stories and we knew this was how we would like to plan our baby’s birth. Kati offered us a free half hour consultation and we got to ask lots of questions. Afterwards, we felt so inspired and we knew we wanted to do the full course. The course was over 4 sessions and Kati presented the material in a variety of different ways. We learnt about the different birthing options and the statistics and outcomes, the stages of labour using visual, tactile objects, guided relaxations, visualisations, meditations and so much more. There were opportunities to discuss any worries and queries and how to formulate our birth wishes. We received information so that when labour came, we’d be prepared. The course favours an approach thats as important for the birth partner as it is for the mother to be. Without this course we cannot envision how we would be so well prepared for the birth.We can also see how this course would be great for someone who had given birth before but wanted it to go differently next time. The course evolves each session teching us new things but also inspiring us to do our own research. We’ve been given a toolkit of strategies to use when things get more intense during labour. All of the information and evidence we received has given us the confidence that we can make the best decisions when the big day comes!”

Faye and Marc C, Manchester

And this was what Faye and Mark wrote afterwards!

“Kati has been incredible at preparing us for the birth of out first child. She taught us to feel confident and prepared. Her presence and open heart makes you feel incredibly comfortable to be open about any worries or questions. She inspired us to create the perfect atmosphere for the arrival of our little boy. I loved every session with her and when I think about how fearful I was about birth before I started the course to having no fear and only excitement, it’s amazing! Our little boy was born at home with no medical intervention. Thank you!!!”

                       Faye and Marc C, Manchester

 We wanted a calm and relaxed, natural birth for our first child and chose to seek out a hypnobirthing coach for this purpose. My partner was intitially sceptical about the idea of a homebirth until we looked at the benefits more deeply and realised this option would give us the best chance of having the birth we wanted with reduced risk of interventions.

“Kati was obviously very knowledgable about KGHypnobirthing as well as the birthing rights of mothers and empowering women’s choices in the birthing environment which appears to be unique to Kati’s services. She made us feel like we had a real series of choices in which to birth our baby and as a result we chose to have her in the birthing space as our doula for our homebirth in water. Coupled with the skills and perceptions we had acquired during the hypnobirthing course, we were able to have a wonderful, undisturbed, smooth and relatively quick natural birth in the environment we wanted without any medical interventions.”

                    Anouska and Jonny P, Stockport

I offer tailormade private sessions usually at the home of my clients because this is most probably where you will start off your labour and meeting your baby for the first time. Learning to truly relax within this environment gives you a better chance of having a great birth experience for you all. 

I can travel within an hour of Ramsbottom (BL0) or can offer sessions via Skype or Zoom.

Times are flexible and can be weekdays or evenings or weekends.

I currently have a six week waiting list for evenings and weekends although if you have daytimes free, I can be booked at shorter notice.

Whether you‘re a first time mum wanting to ‘Hypnobirth’ or whether you’ve previously experienced a birth experience you’d rather not repeat, I will design the course to your needs.

Contact me for more details.