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Anely Cabezas – Amiga Birth

8 Avril Way, London, London e4 9hs, England

The birth of your baby is a one in a lifetime experience. It is something you and those around you will remember forever. This precious moment will also shape and welcome your baby into the world.

At Amiga Birth we are delighted to guide you and prepare you in the best possible way for this unique and marvellous experience. Our aim is to give you knowledge and teach you techniques for birth that will result in a calm, confident birth experience.

We take your hand and guide you to a place of relaxation and calmness, ready to meet your new baby. Partners will also learn from the Hypnobirthing Course and will have an essential role in the whole process.

Please check all the information in the website and if it sounds appealing to you, don’t be shy andcontact us in order to discuss the best Hypnobirthing Course option for you and your family.


My name is Anely Cabezas DipHB(KGH), I am the founder of Amiga Birth. I hold a Diploma in Hypnobirthing( Katherine Graves Method) so I am a proud member of the KGH family. I also have a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis after completing a one year training with Robert Rusell PhD at TAG Academy on 2014. I am also a mother of three and always have been very passionate about childbirth and about helping and empowering other women in their journeys through motherhood.

I was born in Havana, Cuba, 34 years ago hence I am fluent in Spanish and English. I have been living in beautiful London for 14 years now and I am currently based in East London.

I believe in personal growth and in always learning something new. My family is quite central to my life and I enjoy spending time with them and going on holidays in the sun and by the sea.

It is an honour for me to help families and couples with their birth journey to make it the best possible experience ever!

‘KG Hypnobirthing is not just about relaxation and breathing techniques… is much, much more than that.’ – Josephine- KGH Mother

‘It completely changed my life.  It was wonderful.’ – Andy-KGH father

The course is a 10-12 hours course, it can be arranged to suit your lifestyle. I offer private one to onesessions or group sessions ( up to 5 couples).

Private 1:1 sessions can take place at your home or your preferred location.

For Group sessions if all the attendants know each other it can take place at your preferred location( one of the attendants’ home ) or I can book a venue locally.

I also offer Refresher Courses for couples that have done Hypnobirthing before but want to spruce their knowledge ready for their new birth. It is a 5 hours course and it can be arranged at your convenience.


Private sessions – £270*

Group Sessions- 250*

Refresher Course- £170*

*  Included in the price are: The Hypnobirthing Book, KGH Antenatal Course notes, KG MP3/CD to listen at home and a favour bag. Terms and Conditions apply

Please contact me for any enquiries or if you can not find the information you are after.