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Brenda Barquet –


I am an experienced Pregnancy Yoga Teacher who following my passion and desire of helping women to achieve a calm and empowering birth, I decided to extend my knowledge by becoming a KGHypnobirthing Antenatal Educator.

I offer couples an extensive private Hypnobirthing antenatal course. This will be a special time to reinforce the knowledge about your body, pregnancy and birth, achieving confidence, calm and serenity. Creating a healthy pregnancy and subsequently a wonderful birth experience for you and your baby.

I’m originally from Mexico where pregnancy and the transition into Motherhood is really supported by families and the community. Since I was a little girl, I found myself being part of this support and with time I realised that here it was the place where the seed of my passion for pregnancy and birth was placed, to eventually germinate and growth.

I have been living in London for the last 19 years, where my yoga practice and personal development started. I’ve been able to help hundreds of women through my yoga classes and HB courses to achieve a calm and positive pregnancy and also to have an empowering birth. Please read some of my testimonies and if my energy resonates with you and feel the call to reach out…I will be looking forward to hear from you and your baby.

Just wanted to tell you a huge thank you for all your classes and helping me learn how to breathe through labour. I can’t tell you how wonderful the birth was thanks to all this! It was only 10hrs from first contractions and I was just breathing through the wholde thing for pain relief. Listening to your recordings and hypnobirthing music. Just beautiful and so calming! I was in a deep meditative state. Aslo I did some of the positions you taught us when arriving to the birth centre and eventually surrendered entirely in the birthing pool and gave birth to our baby Theo in the water. I pushed this 4kg baby withoug a single tear, thanks to surrendering to the idea that my body knew what to do! THE DREAM REALLY! Such a positive birth story and you have a very big role in it, so thank you again! So grateful I found your classes! ~ Camille


 I was in labour for 24hrs exactly – from first contraction to birth. First 12 hours were spent at home, worked really well on breathing through each contraction and listening to your audios and the last phase was only 40 minutes long – whole birth unmedicated and NO perianal tears!!! Thank you for all your support! ~ Sabina Rachinova


I cannot thank you enough. Your classes were so empowering and really helped to prepare my mind. I had a very long latent phase with baby being in a bit of a tricky position, but I really channelled everything you taught me to make it to the birth centre Monday morning. And once at the birth centre, I felt so strong and capable and had such a beautiful experience. Baby came quickly – they almost didn’t fill the pool in time, and I thought I was going to give birth to him on the floor! But we made it in and the water birth was magical. Also, a fun plot twist – our scans had told us to expect a girl, but our darling boy arrived instead!! Such a wonderful surprise! Thanks again for everything ~ Lauren Strother

Completely natural birth, no examinations either! I didn’t get to the birthing pool because he was born only 40-minutes after arriving to the hospital! I caught him with my own hands! We are both doing well and at home, and he’s breastfeeding like a pro! Thank you for being part of our story.

~Sini & Oli

I must say the course has been an absolutely incredible experience. Nina was the most calm and chilled out mother to be – it’s amazing.

I am not sure if she ever talked you through the issues we had with the pregnancy, but it has been an incredibly tough couple of years for her, and to seeing her in the frame of mind she is was in after the course was really quite remarkable.

I can’t thank you enough!

If our little girl ever asks to explain what a “Godsend” is I will tell her the story of us meeting you in the build up to giving birth : )

~ Nick and Nina


Dear Brenda,
Our princess Luna arrived in this world on 7th January!
We are so happy and feel so blessed to be her parents.
We wanted to thank you a lot for all your help, without it, it would have been a total different experience.
Although nothing went as planed (I ended up being induced), so I was not free with my movements, but hypnobirthing helped me remain calm and focused. It was everything you prepared us for. I worked with the surges instead of against them. The 2nd stage was the most powerful, I ended up on my back (unfortunately) but with the exercises (down breathing) I delivered her in less than 10min!
Jordi was amazing, I’m so glad we practiced regularly, you were right “practice – practice – practice”!
Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!! You were part of this successful experience

~Alide & Jordi

My daughter arrived this morning at 5.20am. No pain relief, just used my breath (kept saying to myself “relax your jaw, relax your forehead, relax your shoulders), born within 90 mins of arriving at hospital. Thank you so much for all of your support, you very much helped me have my perfect birth x


I have taken place in Brenda’s course which I highly recommend and I listened to Brenda’s hypnobirthing recordings during my pregnancy as well as when in labour. This all helped massively. Even I wasn’t allowed on midwife unit as originally planned for water birth and I had to deliver my little one in consultant led unit due to additional referral for scan at 41 weeks I had a magical experience, managed to give birth to Anastazja on gas and air, my hypnobirthing techniques and hypnobirthing recording. Please don’t estimate the power of you mind, you can do it but be flexible. Remember you got this!

Brenda, thank you so much for your positive energy and for being a part of my journey to become a mother. Big thank you from Anastazja, she has been very calm during labour, no distress or spikes during hours of monitoring. Midwifes were very impressed but we know it’s mainly due to yoga, meditation and hypnobirthing.

~ Justyna Lewandowicz

Rafael Kallum was born on 21st September 2021 after a very quick labour! He’s feeding and sleeping well and loves cuddles. I am so glad I did your HB course given how things worked out as he came so quickly, I had to do a natural birth and not a C-section as originally planned and booked in. The breathing techniques helped me enormously, there wasn’t time for a water birth, but I only had local anaesthetic and nothing else. I want to Thank you for all your help!

~ Kim Dungarov

This course was useful and helped us to practice and prepare for the birth of my baby. It made my husband an important part of the process.

Every bit of information was good enough for me and my husband to know about pregnancy and birth. The course was really interesting than I initially thought it would be and the best of it is that it helps you developed confidence in yourself! Highly recommended!

~Jahanbi Banerjee

2nd July 2021

Thank you Brenda for this course! My partner and I loved it, especially the meditation part as well as the information regarding the delivery of the baby as that info helped us to ask specific questions to the midwife during the visits and in preparation of the delivery plan. It was a complete course, we find it so helpful.

The meditation, audios, the info regarding the umbilical cord, all the preparation exercises and the list of remedy’s you can use like homeopathy really helped me. Also the script that my partner used to lead my meditation throughout the pregnancy were very precious and helpful.

What motivated to undertake this course was the desire to connect with my body and prepare for a delivery to remember with a smile. There was much more information delivered than I expected.

I will recommend this course to any pregnant woman because it helped me a lot to connect with my body, to learn how to create a positive space in my mind and thought us how to prepare for my delivery. It also provided a lot of information and generated questions for my midwife appointments, so I could make informed decisions. I had an emergency c-section for which I am grateful as it allowed my baby to come to the world safe, but me and my partner had an overall good experience, we were prepared and we were able to communicate with each other and with the doctors, it helped me to feel safe and protected by my partner but also conscious of my body and its strengths.  Also practicing Hypnobirthing create nice hours to share with partner and to remember when the pregnancy has ended :)

~Sonia Vanacore

June and July 2021

Every topic we’ve covered on the course was relevant and very useful to know/learn.

I found very helpful being exposed to information in regard the different scenarios that can present while on labour. The brief techniques also helped my partner and I to connect with each other and to me to be more relaxed and present for her.

What motivated us to undertake this course was that my partner and I wanted to be ready for the birth of our child, well informed and able to support of each other. The course had prepared us to it.

The course covered a lot of information that wouldn’t otherwise be available in a normal antenatal course. The focus and brief techniques were very helpful for us.

I highly recommend Hypnobirthing because working on yourself it’s the best thing you can do to arrive prepared to labour, but also for you and your child.

~ Paolo Paletta

September 2021

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