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Helen Fairlie – Born London

Stephendale Road, Greater London, London SW6 2PQ, England

I founded Born London® to give mothers and their birth partners in the UK and abroad the knowledge, tools and confidence to make their whole birth experience as positive as possible. We want our courses to have benefits that last a lifetime – for mum, for birth partner, for baby, and for other families we’re in a position to help. That’s why we partner with UNICEF, with at least 10% of course fees going to this amazing course, and we’re so proud that our community has already donated enough money to safely deliver more than 360 babies. Thank you so much.


How I got here

After 15 years in consultancy and design, heading up the teams creating amazing brands like Sipsmith, Tyrrells and Freddie’s Flowers, I fell pregnant with my little boy Rory. We signed up to a hypnobirthing course and that gave me the knowledge, confidence and calm I really relied on when it came to his birth. I found the whole thing totally mind blowing (in a good way) and hugely empowering.

While I was on maternity leave I started volunteering at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, working with their Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) to help improve maternity services. As a group, we run everything from focus groups for different ethnic groups to ‘15 steps’ programmes around the hospitals in the trust, brainstorming and instigating positive change with the consultant midwives and their teams.

Working with these amazing people and falling pregnant with my little girl, India, inspired me to study for my Diploma in KGHypnobirthing – a course accredited by the Royal College of Midwives – so that I could teach hypnobirthing to others. I was lucky enough to train with Katharine Graves herself who, amongst many other things, sits on the council of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Maternity and Newborn Forum.

Rory’s arrival had really piqued my interest in water births and I gained a place on the ‘Paramana Doula’ course with the internationally renowned obstetrician who pioneered the whole concept. I spent three eye-opening days with Dr. Michel Odent, listening to his learnings on pregnancy and birth psychology from his 60+ year career in the industry and the publication of his 15 books in 22 languages.

India was in far too much of a rush to join the world to be interested in a water birth but it really showed me how, despite two totally different birth experiences, all the above had allowed me to feel in control and remember both events hugely positively.

Why Born London?

We read the books, sign up to the newsletters, do everything we can to make sure we’re doing the best for our baby during pregnancy. But when it comes to birth, we only see it dramatised in films or hear about it in friends’ (often horror) stories. Our amazing midwives don’t have the time to correct all that in our routine antenatal appointments and our friends don’t want to shout about their great birth experiences in case they sound like they’re showing off. So the birth part ends up feeling weirdly out of our control, like it’s just luck on the day.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. We’re intelligent women and there’s stuff we can do even if nobody can guarantee exactly how our baby will make their grand entrance (just like anything else in life). We want to remove the fear factor – by understanding the physiology of our bodies, what they might do and why. We want to work with our bodies – by having a bunch of tools and techniques up our sleeves and using the power of our minds (like how sports psychology would help you break through ‘the wall’ in a marathon). We want to make informed decisions – by understanding our healthcare system and the decades of medical research into birth place, analgesia etc. And we want our birth partners to play a pivotal role – to advocate for us, to help keep us calm and to feel part of the whole thing.

I had a bit of a realisation that, if I could distill down the knowledge and experiences I’d benefitted from, I could empower other women and their birth partners to create a really positive narrative around birth. So I left the day job, founded Born London® and partnered with UNICEF to run birth courses with benefits that last a lifetime.

Kasia and Will, full birth preparation course in Clapham at 19 weeks

“Helen is an incredibly positive and informative hypnobirthing instructor.

From the moment we all sat down together at 20 weeks, it was very clear we were in good hands. She dispelled any previous anxieties we may have had and we finished our sessions feeling very well informed of what lies ahead and certain we could ask anything in the run up to our little lad being born.

We cannot recommend her enough and can’t wait to see her business flourish as she so rightly deserves. Thank you again.”

An additional note from Will

“As a man going into this process I was a little nervous in all honesty.

After the first session I had learned so much and wanted to go deeper into hypnobirthing because it was clear we can actually be very useful and part of the process.

That for me was a huge thing; being there for my wife and knowing what to do and when.”


Ricci and Marc, full birth preparation course in Richmond at 34 weeks

“We would absolutely recommend the course to everyone having a baby! It gave us information, confidence and so much more.

My husband and I are having our first baby and were experiencing some anxiety around the birth process. We reached out to Helen, with hopes of easing the anxiety, and boy did she deliver! The 8-hour course helped educate us on the pros and cons of all the different decisions along the way, as well as prepare mentally and physically for the big day.

Even after the course, we continue to practise the techniques she gave us, and feel as prepared as we could ever be.”


Emma and Gareth, full birth preparation course in Glasgow (via Zoom) at 20 weeks

“We completed the course with Helen after I admitted how nervous I was to be a first time mum.

Having barely any knowledge on the ins and outs of pregnancy, labour, and parenthood, I was terrified of what was ahead for myself and my partner (and he was nervous too!) but within minutes of the course I started to feel more at ease and suddenly felt like I wasn’t taking on the impossible.

Helen is so caring, passionate and understanding, and really knows what she’s talking about. Born London has been a lifesaver and a huge support to both of us, and ultimately baby – who of course, is now our main priority!”

We teach private courses for you and your birth partner. I want you both to feel comfortable asking absolutely anything that pops into your head – and we’re going to discuss some parts of this experience in candid detail – so I don’t want you to hold anything back because you’re sat next to someone else’s husband, wife or friend!

In the UK, I normally teach from the comfort of your home so that you and your birth partner can properly relax and absorb in the place where some / lots / all of it will actually happen. But if you’re further afield, we also teach courses via Zoom. We’ve worked with couples from Singapore to Scotland so we can definitely make this work for you!

There’s no ‘right’ time to do a birth course but people normally sign up from 20 weeks onwards. The earlier you sign up, the longer you have to use your knowledge and practice your techniques, however some people take courses right up until weeks before their baby makes its entrance and they still see benefits.

We offer three courses – a full birth preparation course, a course specifically for planned caesarean births and a refresher course for subsequent births. We also offer a consultancy package. Please contact me for more information on any of them – I can’t wait to speak to you!