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Hiroko Wilson – With Hypnobirthing

Birth does not have to be frightening or scary – it can be a hugely positive experience!


Hypnobirthing is a wonderful method for any woman who hopes to welcome her baby with peace and positivity.

As a hypnobirthing mum of two and as a counsellor and hypnotherapist, I am pleased to offer my experience and knowledge to help you support a wonderful positive birth experience.

Hiroko’s hypnobirthing sessions helped me to think more positively about my birth.  My worries disappeared forever.

I was able to give birth exactly the way I wanted.

I would recommend her to any mum!

You will practise relaxation techniques throughout the course to help eliminate fears and gain confidence in the natural birthing process. On the day of your birth, you will be able to welcome your baby with a sense of calm and positivity.